Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Brown Bag Challenge

I love supporting local farmers and purveyors of all things delicious so I was intrigued by the Brown Bag Challenge presented by the folks at East Coast Organic Milk Coop and Just US! Coffee.  But as often as I am tempted by foodie challenges...I've never actually entered one...until now, that is.
The rules were simple...
1)  use what's in the bag;  East Coast Organic Milk - which is truly delicious.  I had to have some with some chocolate chip cookies while I pondered a recipe. From Just Us! Coffee: a bag of organic sugar, a jar of Fair Trade organic instant Colombian coffee, one bar of dark and two bars of white Fair Trade certified organic chocolate.  I'm not usually a white chocolate fan, but I have to admit that I'm glad there was an extra bar of it just for munching.  I'm now addicted!

 2)create an original recipe; which actually was a challenge for me... not really being a baker.  An obvious choice would have been a drink or a custard...which made me think pudding...which somehow made me think of bread pudding.  I don't know why or how I became obsessed with the idea.  Especially since I've never made one...heck, I've never even eaten one.  I've never let that stop me before so I pulled out a bunch of the baking books sitting on my shelves looking for some guidance. And since they all basically started with the same base - day old bread - I chose sweet brioche from my favorite local bakery - Julien's
and the last of my frozen blueberries from last year's UPIK adventure at Between the Bushes in the Annapolis Valley.(Boaz, Dov & my daughter hunting for the best bush - not sure who that other lady is with the cool hat). The eggs are local, free run eggs from Noggins Corner at the Halifax Seaport Market.
3)post the recipe; I do hope you enjoy my version as much as we did
4) write about it; I think I just did!

5) get your friends to share, like on the East Coast Organic Milk Facebook page Mine is submission #4 and re-tweet #ECOMilkComp on their Twitter page.  I'd love to win the prize of a gift basket worth $300 so I am looking for your support.


Mission Musings said...

I don't see their post about your entry on their facebook page, but if you can find it, then post a link on your blog, and in the comments here, it would get more clicks and shares!

Ruth Daniels said...

I've been waiting for them to post my entry.