Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things to Remember in the Dead of Winter

The truth is I started this post at least three weeks ago and I've been adding a bit here and there always too busy enjoying the summer to actually finish the writing.  So now I'll just start at the end and work backwards.... The scene above was at one of my favorite locations in Halifax... The Seaport Farmers Market and the event, this past Sunday, was called the Incredible Picnic organized by many to showcase local chefs, restaurants and...most importantly... local producers.  And before I take you through some of the actual fruits and vegetables I'll be craving in January, I thought I'd share some highlights of the picnic.

Naturally I started with a tour of all the stalls to figure out what I'd actually be eating.  Chef Craig Flinn of Chives Canadian Bistro was serving up pulled pork sandwiches (they're always a hit).
Chef Geir Simensen and his crew from Scanway Catering and Saege Bistro were serving up wonderful seafood cakes.  The aroma almost had me stop even before my tour was done.
Peter Boudreau, chef and owner of The Fish Shop at Pier 20 was there with a wonderful satay of smoked salmon and some of his fantastic seafood chowder... one of the best I've ever eaten.
Naturally, the folks from Getaway Meat Mongers were there, this time selling some donairs (I do believe you have to be a local Nova Scotian to appreciate the sweet sauce over the meat).
There were lots of other vendors, but I had to stop at Janes on the Commons, one of my fave restaurants in town.   They sere serving up three kinds of sliders on challah buns freshly made that morning at the restaurant and rhubarb cordial.
The tour of all the booths, not quite done, but we had to feed our tummies... and our first choice .... rhubarb cordial & lobster sliders from Janes and smoked salmon kebabs from The Fish Shop.  I did take lots more photos, but thought it time to go back to the original purpose of this post...
As I was uploading some photos to my computer, I realized just how special this time of year is to me and how I wake up smiling (even on a rainy day) and stay that way... how everything seems special... a celebration of life.   Okay, before you all start rolling your eyes.... I just decided that for myself, I'd want a reminder of all the things that make me smile during the long... and I do mean long, dreary winters of Nova Scotia...

Bustling farmers markets with lots of local goodness and lots of "firsts" like the fruit above,
corn on the cob that really tastes sweet
I can still find local asparagus - another favorite
baby carrots (not the honkin' carrots cut to look like babies), green beans...
and young onions
baby salad turnips, so sweet and crunchy you could eat the whole bunch while preparing the rest of the salad...
baby beets... same story ...not to mention the greens as a stir fry are awesome too
wild blueberries... already separated into two cup baggies and in the freezer for dead of winter fixes of muffins, more muffins and more muffins.
strawberries - here from June until... well, they're still growing as I write.
cherries- probably my most favorite fruit of all times.

Well, that should give me something to smile about in January.  What will you be craving?

Please don't forget that it's Presto Pasta Night tomorrow and I'm hosting and still hoping for more delicious pasta dishes from you.  Just send me a recipe or a link, mentioning Presto Pasta Nights, to ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com by tonight.

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Joanne said...

Thinking about the total lack of produce that's going to exist come January is making me so sad!! There definitely will be a lot to miss.