Saturday, August 25, 2012

Farmers and Their Markets

I usually, make that often, share my Saturday market scores - just to entice you to visit your local farmers markets.  In fact, if you can, drive out to meet a farmer, it will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at food.  We're lucky here in Nova Scotia, we even have an official Open Farm Day that is province wide.  Not only can you check out the farms, you can share in some fun - great food and activities...  I digress...caught up in the moment.  Check out the photo and see if you can guess what this leafy green is.
And check out the scale of my $3.00 bunch! It's so gi-normous, that it will have to sit on the counter in a vase of water.  There is no way it will fit in my fridge. It's true that it will wilt down alot during cooking but I envision at least two dishes... like Gingery Garlic Kale Stir Fry to accompany some Grilled Strip Loin from Getaway Farm Meat Mongers.  And perhaps an Insanely Delicious Mac 'n Cheese with Kale... I am hosting Presto Pasta Night this week, after all.  By the way... please share a pasta recipe, link to Presto Pasta Nights and email to ruth (at)4everykitchen (dot) com by Thursday.

But I've wondered off again.   Lots of other goodies made their way home with me.
It may be too late for strawberries, but just in time for pears, plums, peaches. The family is coming over for lunch... I wonder if there will be any left to make a fruit crisp or cobbler?   I even saw some early apples, not to mention lots of blueberries and cherries that I left alone.. at least for this week.

Hope to see you at your markets and hope to see some pasta for the Presto Pasta Night Roundup.

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