Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Join the Pie Party 2012

A few people invited me to a very fun Facebook event... Pie Party 2012.   Normally I end up missing foodie  parties, and since I really don't consider myself a baker... especially leery when it comes to pie making,  I would pass the invite by, but somehow I couldn't resist this one.  The truth is... mother was the real baker in the family, and I always feel I come up short.   That said over the years I have created a few winners... like the Strawberry Custard Tart above.  It was so good, my sister insisted I make a couple for her wedding party.
These Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes from Martha Stewart, allows the least able crust maker to actually pull of gorgeous and delicious pies, because the intention is rustic not picture-perfection.  
Another of my favorite tarts, tasted at Inn on The Twenty - a lovely Inn in Ontario's Wine Country... and so good I had to buy the book!This  Blueberry Minted Custart Tart is particularly easy and gorgeous and delicious.  
The Dark Chocolate & Candied Orange Tart was one I came up with years ago for my chocoholic Honey.   

If none of those entice you... try these summer fruit pies and tarts from Martha Stewart.  In fact, I'm not sure which pie I'll be making soon, but I thought I'd share my list with you.  


Joanne said...

I made a chocolate tart for father's day and I will definitely be dedicating it to the pie party! That blueberry pie of yours sounds to die for!

Ruth Daniels said...

I can't wait to see yours. Nothing like chocolate to make my Honey smile. PS... even though he's not a big fruit eater... the blueberry tart is one of his faves.

Jamie said...

Beautiful tarts and pies! I am really just starting on my summer fruit pie kick but boy does that chocolate-orange tart look fabulous!

So Simple said...

Ruth that chocolate looks divine

bellini said...

Cherry season is about to start and I feel the need to make pie!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

This pie looks to die for. I was noticing you had purchased garlic scopes. We just cut 200+ this week. I made an amazing garlic scape pesto. Visit my blog for pics and links. HAppy Day.