Thursday, January 19, 2012

San Pellegrino Memories

I've been asked to write about the 2012 S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition... and I will, because it's very exciting...but not until tomorrow!

For now, I want to reminisce about my affair with San Pellegrino .. don't tell my Honey.    It started when I was 21 and my parents' birthday gift was a trip to Europe for a month.   Of course, way back then, my very protective parents couldn't imagine sending me off without some sort of structure... and a chaperon.  So I went on an organized tour to London, Paris and several Italian cities and I still remember my first glass of San Pellegrino, served with a thin slice of lemon.  I felt incredibly sophisticated and on days when I feel particularly ... well... let's just say ... LESS than sophisticated... some San Pellegrino with a thin slice of lemon over ice does the trick.

During the Great Depression of the '20's, they called carbonated water "two cents plain"... I wonder what they'd call it these days...twenty dollars plain?.  but I digress...When I was little, my parents and grandparents had seltzer water.  I vaguely remember the special bottle with a  weird handle that, when squeezed, carbonated  the plain tap water.   Today, it's making a come-back with companies like Soda Stream.  

But what I remember, when I was little, is that whenever the grownups drank some... they'd burp.... the men, much for forcefully than the women... almost making it a contest to see who could do it longest and loudest... and the burp, was followed by a contented sigh and smile.   So, I asked my dad if I could have some "Burp Water" and the title has stuck with my family ever since.  

All that to say, that when I did try S Pellegrino, the sparkling natural mineral water, it was much more delicate and ... well the only word I can think of is... "sophisticated".  
When I agreed to write about the competition, I was sent a large package with a chef's apron and some other goodies... most enjoyably... some limonata (sparkling lemonade never tasted so delicious), aranciata (orange), aranciata rossa (blood oranges - and my latest favorite), and pomplemo (grapefruit).  I'm not really a soft drink fan... too sweet... too many chemicals... I usually just have water...
But these are different... in the best way imaginable.  With 18% fruit juice and no preservatives....this is my choice to go with that very sophisticated Lamb, Feta & Eggplant Burger ... please.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to hear all about the 2012 S Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition.


Sri Ranjani said...

oh the burger looks so good... am salivating...

Joanne said...

San Pellegrino IS quite sophisticated. For some reason, I buy lots of seltzer for never that brand. Probably because it feels a bit too upscale for everyday drinking :P