Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Main Reason for a Food Blog

Recently a good friend and fellow food writer,Simon Thibault,  wrote an article about me for Saltscapes Magazine.  The focus was on family recipes being handed down through the generations,  why I started food blogging back in 2005 and where it's taken me.   Truth is, I started just to keep a journal of my recipes for my daughters, who where living elsewhere on the planet and for me... since I often "throw things together" and then don't remember what I did.  

Over the years I've written up hundreds of recipes and I even check the recipe index as often as I check all the cookbooks and magazines that fill my bookshelves and counter tops when I have a particular craving.  But it's always a very pleasant surprise when someone leaves a comment on an older entry... like this Rogan Josh, also known as Beef Curry.  I first wrote about it in 2005, then again as part of an Indian feast in 2006,  But it's particularly cool when I get a great comment in 2011!   Obviously it's time to make it again.

So, to my fellow bloggers or recipe journal keepers... what's you favorite tried and true that you don't often think about, but when you do, you need to whip up the dish immediately?


Alisha said...

I, too, go back through my blog sometimes and say "wow, I need to make that again". I guess that's the reason we all do it, isn't it?

I do that more toward the holidays I think - and this week it's been noodle kugel - I really want to make it this week but will wait until my son comes home from college at the end of the month.

Ruth Daniels said...

I'm sure he'll appreciate that

Pierce said...

There are a few go to meals we love. A spinach and ravioli lasagna, plus Rapid Ragu which is made with ground lamb and pancetta. Quick and delicious.

You've been blogging a long time, good for you!

Joanne said...

Macaroni and cheese or lasagna are definite go-tos that I only really think about when others bring them up!

I'm so glad you stuck with blogging through all these years...your site really is a treasure trove of recipes!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks ladies, I'm glad you like my recipes. I think it's time for me to go through some of the early ones that I loved but haven't repeated.