Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching up on Great Eats

I apologize for the lack of writing, but it's summer and life is busy. Or at least, I'm busy being lazy. It's not that I haven't been cooking... I have. I just haven't been sharing, so here's a recap of some very tasty dishes.

The dinner above was definitely the highlight of the week - Grilled Butterflied Lamb with Anchovies, Rosemary & Garlic, tweaked from Food & Drink, Summer 2011 issue, which couldn't have tasted as good without lamb from Bill of Wood 'n Hart Farm (see what happens when you get there late in the morning... almost empty case of lamb goodness)anchovies from The Italian Market and fresh rosemary right from my window sill. The Best Garlicky Rice Ever... and I'm not kidding, is an old standby that I've somehow never shared with you until now. You will thank me! To get in a healthy portion of veggies I whipped up a Simple Swiss Chard & Mushroom Stir Fry ... we loved it.

It was an interesting dinner, because we were looking after little boys so their parents could go out on a date. Not being sure if they'd eat any of that I made a couple of pasta options from a previous pizza meal my Honey and I enjoyed.

As for that meal...since I couldn't decide on ONE option, I made two variations of an old awesome recipe Shrimp & Onions over Pesto and Chorizo, Mushroom & Onion over No Cook Tomato Sauce, using fire roasted tomatoes . I made my own California style pizza dough

Back to the boys, my daughter has told me more than once that they DO eat more than just chicken fingers, so I wanted to give them a number of options. I was too busy to take pictures, but I did toss some pasta with the tomato sauce and another batch of pasta was tossed with ricotta & Parmesan with a touch of milk to make it creamy, not to mention the cold pizza (which my Honey enjoyed). With all that at the table, guess what their choice was for dinner? You guessed it... chicken fingers. They did taste everything, but apparently, nothing compared to chicken fingers zapped in a microwave by Grandma.


Pierce said...

The Italian Market is surely a place I'd love to go! Take me next time!

Joanne said...

I'm pretty sure that no matter what you tried to serve me as a kid, I would have thought I was happiest eating chicken fingers as well. Crazy kids!