Saturday, June 18, 2011

Late But Fabulous Market Visit

Two weeks in a row, sleepovers with little boys have made me very late for the markets. I didn't even go to the Seaport Market this week. It was about 11:30 AM as we drove by and the tons of people I saw from the road, meant the crowds would be insane. Of course, those loving crowds and shmoozing with little care to actually shopping, love that time. Mental note to self... sleep-overs can't happen on Friday nights.

I did get to the Historic Farmers Market though, not expecting much but hoping for better luck than last week when Hutten Farms had very little left, and Wood 'n Hart's Bill had already closed up shop for the day.
So I was pleasantly surprised at the finding gorgeous Japanese turnips and
two varieties of young beets and greens at Hutten Farms. I did a quick peek at Wood 'n Hart and the case looked pretty bare, so I kept on going hoping against hope that Costas & Ruth, distributing for Epics de Cru would still have the fantastic grill collection of spice blends.
The six blends are so wonderful, I don't know which one to start with...Classic BBQ Blend with no salt or sugar; Tlalelolco Rub made with Mexican spices; Masala Grill Blend; Steak rub; Satay spice blend and Classic Spicy Rub. You can find out all about them HERE.

And to yet another reason, I love about developing relationships with local farmers... while I was talking to Costas about spices, I got a tap on the shoulder and there was Bill Wood... with two pounds of lamb neck bones. Turns out he had seen me peek around the corner and wanting a cleaned out case, he found me and gave me the bones! AWESOME!

Since I'm too pooped from the sleepover to do too much, I plan on spending the afternoon with my feet up and my trusty iPad with a ton of foodie apps to find the perfect recipes to enhance my finds.

What's your favorite thing about supporting local farmers markets?


Anonymous said...

I'd love to visit your farmer's market!

Ruth Daniels said...

Actually there are two fabulous markets in town. The new one eve has its own rooftop vegetal & herb garden that I haven't seen yet but is starting to sprout. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

I so envy you the markets! Have a great week :)