Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apocalypse or Not Farmers Market was Awesome

It is Saturday, May 21st and even if the world is supposed to come to an end at 6PM today, I decided to visit my two favorite markets anyway. And isn't it awesome to have not one but two venues ( Halifax Seaport Farmers Market and Historic Properties Farmers Market just a hop skip and jump away) to get local produce, fish and meat...not to mention cheese and bread and pastries and... I could go on forever, but I thought you might like to just take a look at what I found.

As you can see if you look closely... I've already taken a bite out of the delicious cinnamon bun from Julien's bakery. The Asiago baguette (at the top) will be used with the baked ham from Sweet Williams Sausages for lunch or will that be...

... the delicious lobster roll from Gerry Dunphy of Bridgewater
Even more exciting than that...if it's possible... it really is Spring here. Bushels and bushels of rhubarb...
and fiddleheads
and baby beets and their greens so good for sauteing.
still lots of three of my favorite harbingers of Spring... green garlic, garlic stalks (a little older plants - just eat the whites and you won't be able to confuse them with scallions - another favorite - because they really smell garlicky) and baby Spring onions that just look like big scallions... not to mention the bag of chives.
Speaking of herbs... there were lots of pots of every herb imaginable.
I bought some silver thyme & spearmint to join the others on my window sill and some bags of chives, rosemary and mint from Riverview Herbs
The first local asparagus was seen at the Noggins Corner stand. Naturally some had to come home with me.
I've been waiting forever for some Japanese Turnips so I could cook up a batch of Roasted Japanese turnips with honey for a wonderful book I have to write about - Cooking in the Moment: A Year of Seasonal Recipes
I found them along with an awesome spicy mix of salad greens from Hutten Family Farm and this gorgeous purple kale and some of the other delights at the Taproot Farm stand.
Of course I bought some meat... what kind of carnivore would I be especially now that it's definitely BBQ time! More skirt steak from Getaway Farm (because they only pre order strip loin and I forgot to do that), turkey fennel & lamb pesto sausages (along with the ham) from Sweet Williams Sausages (they have stands at both markets!) and ground lamb for some awesome Lamb Burgers from Wood n Hart Farm. Hmmm spicy or Greek style?

And now... it's time to enjoy that lobster roll while I wait for two little angels to come visit. What's your favorite thing to look for at your local farmers market?


Janna Renee said...

who cares about the end of the world when there's a farmers mkt to visit? LOVE it!

Joanne said...

Your farmer's market is the epitome of spring! Love it!

And now I do wonder what those people are going to do since, well...the rapture DIDN'T happen...

Ruth Daniels said...

I'm not worried about the ones that bought stuff to enjoy QUICKLY, now they just have longer to enjoy it.

I AM worried about the ones who put huge amounts on their credit cards.... looks like their in for a long term heap of trouble!

mangocheeks said...

The fiddleheads are amazing. I wish I could find some here to try.