Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great Recipes - Starting Point or To the Letter?

To me, recipes are mostly jumping off points. Some gorgeous photo in a magazine, in a cookbook, on an iPad or iPhone app.... grabs me and then I'm off to try to recreate it my way. Recently I was invited to Kraft Canada's Kitchens and one of the lovely take aways was their wonderful Spring issue of What's Cooking Magazine. It has lots of great tips and glorious recipes.

The Creamy Garlic & Herb Shrimp Linguine caught my attention... with eyes popping out of my head and much drooling... shrimp and creamy sauces will do that every time. But not being one to leave well enough alone... this time because I was short ingredients. No sugar snap peas... but lots of fresh baby spinach... rigatoni instead of linguine because my Honey likes short pasta better... olive oil, champagne vingear & a dollop of Dijon because I THOUGHT I had some Kraft Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscan Italian Dressing, but didn't.

Quick question for you... do you follow recipes to the letter or use them as inspiration?

and I'm sharing it with Presto Pasta Nights. I'm hosting tomorrow's roundup so you still have time to email me your entry by midnight tonight... ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.


Pierce said...

As soon as I saw the noodle I thought- PPN!!! That is such a cool thing to be part of Kraft kitchens......that is also a recipe we will most likely have soon. Looks very good.

MM said...

I very rarely follow recipes exactly. It's in my nature to be defiant!

Just kidding, of course. Like you, I don't follow recipes word for word because there are times when I know my family will like something more if I do this or that instead. And, often, it's because I'd rather substitute using something I already have than going out and buying another product.

Krista Jorstad said...

I hate Kraft with a passion ever since living in Wisconsin and meeting their employees who work overnight shifts adding the fake dye to the mac and cheese powder (a little different from the other dairy workers I met in Wisconsin). So I'm glad to see that they've expanded beyond pre-packaged goods and come up with some good cooking tips.

I almost never use recipes, but love the photography and concepts for my own dishes!