Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Kid on the Recipe Finding Block

I've mentioned before that I have a new iPad and, naturally have been finding new and cool foodie apps. I still promise to share my take on them but the reason for this post is to share a great new find of mine that looks like an app, works like an app but in fact, is not an app at all. is a web site that acts like an app and I definitely like to play with it when I'm out or sitting on my couch away from my laptop (that usually sits plugged into a large monitor and external mouse & keyboard set up). It's a recipe search tool on steroids! The magic of it... it searches for recipes on websites and foodblogs so the sky's the limit. Like my epi and How to Cook Everything and Jamie Oliver's (just for iPhones), and Wholefoods... you can find recipes by doing a simple search. The coolest part is that you don't need fancy phones or iPads to get awesome results. Once you've chosen a recipe you can "like it" or "save it". You really should check it out.

Here's last night's story... I bought a bunch of dark magenta kale at the farmers market from Ted Hutten a couple of weeks ago and still hadn't gotten around to using it... good thing it's such a hardy plant. I always find kale tough and rubbery, but I do appreciate how good it is for me.
I typed the word "kale" in the main search...
...and got 1007 choices from the likes of Epicurious, NY Times, Simply Recipes, Elana's Pantry , Cook Sister (one of my favorite blogs that I forget to check out specific recipes when I'm hunting) and a thousand more including the one I went with - Whole Foods' Oven Roasted Kale .
Foodily gives a quick look at the ingredients and first steps with a link to the actual recipe on the actual site it originates from, so you can decide whether or not it's what you're looking for.
I served the crispy, melt in your mouth kale (it really was heavenly) with an adaptation of an adaptation...

I took a perfectly lovely recipe from Norene's Healthy Kitchen and used my homemade Pear Chutney. This time around, there wasn't enough chutney so I added some homemade Pear & Blackberry Jam (basically my Blueberry Jam recipe replacing the same volume of blueberries for pears & blackberries). As for the curry powder, I used Epices de Cru Aleppo Seven Spice Blend.

As for tonight's dinner... the mascarpone cheese (before it expires) and pasta (111 options and I'm going with a variation of Jamie Oliver's Tagliatelle with Spinach ) for Presto Pasta Night #200! Don't forget that Helen of Fuss Free Flavours is hosting the big event. Send your entries to helen (at) best-shaw (dot) com and cc ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com

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Joanne said...

I read about this on another blog just last week but already forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me. It seems like SUCH a great resource!