Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrate Terre Madre - The Story of Food - DIRT!

Just a short post today... a reminder that Terra Madre Day is tomorrow. It's the time to celebrate local farmers and the shops and restaurants that support them. With over 900 events worldwide, I hope you can find one near you.

Here in Nova Scotia you might have lunch at The Tempest restaurant in Wolfville with members of Canada's first on-campus convivium - Slow Food Acadia. Learn about Slow Food, the activities being planned by Slow Food Acadia and meet local farmers and producers after watching the film DIRT! The Movie. In Dartmouth, there's a Who's Your Farmer Dinner Series and this week my favorite pasture raised beef producer, Chris de Waal of Getaway Farm will be speaking. Unfortunately, it's sold out, but there are lots of other wonderful events around the province. You can check out a partial list of venues here, but I urge you, regardless of where you live to find something wonderful and local to celebrate. And if you can't find one - make your own local feast and invite your favorite people to attend.

Although I am not usually one to stand on a soap box, or to be Miss Doom & Gloom, I thought I'd share this link, a very short video clip - The Story of Food - as a starting point for each of us to do our little bit to make a difference and try to return things to a simpler, purer time.

What are you doing to celebrate?