Monday, November 8, 2010

What Does Your Dreary Weekend Look LIke?

The only bright spot this weekend... fresh rosemary & oregano growing on my window sill. Can you see our gorgeous view of the Bedford Basin? No... neither can we. So we did what we often do... hunkered down with some DVD rentals and I made some delicious dishes with what I had on had.

Admittedly, my not venturing out to the farmers markets (I got up too late for the early morning date I usually have) means I now have run out of eggs, cheese, salad and other fresh and tasty ingredients I wish I had for the week. But, never mind. No use dwelling on what I SHOULD have done. Instead, I thought I'd share some tasty treats I did manage to whip up - and all healthy, I might add.

Breakfast highlight - or should I say "Brunch" since we didn't eat until after 10...

I added some black olive tapenade and a healthy dose of my new favorite hot sauce Cholula Chili Lime.

Rather than our usual bad tv food (chips and chocolate) I made an awesome snack of

Supper was a variation on my Salade Nicoise, using up just about every veg in my fridge plus a few slivers of Pamplona - a mild Spanish salami, tuna, the last egg (hard boiled) and a heaping handful of grated Asiago. The photo is an old one... too lazy last night to take a photo.
Naturally we needed something sweet too, while watching Sherlock Holmes and opted for these

Lighter, Healthier Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

So what do you do on a dreary weekend? And more important... what do you eat?

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