Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Contest from Pei Wei Asian Diner

One of the fun things about being a food blogger is the wide range of emails I get asking me to promote something or other. It's almost like going shopping -I choose which ones I like and ignore the rest. My rule is that I have to try it, use it, visit it... before I write about it... and then only if I truly like it.

True... I've never been to a Pei Wei Asian Diner ... They are currently only in the US - 168 restaurants in 22 states, but this contest is worth talking about. Imagine...
"Pei Wei Asian Diner is searching for an international correspondent to accompany Executive Chef Eric Justice as he travels to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea in search of culinary inspiration for Pei Wei’s next dish. Via blogs, photo posts and video uploads, the correspondent will document the journey and share the international experience along the way.

The selected blogger will eat everything from street food to five-star cuisine, trek from remote villages to world-renowned cities, and meet everyone from rural farmers to cutting-edge chefs.

In addition to the experience of a lifetime, the blogger will receive $10,000 for his or her time and skills. "
Seriously... how could I not tell you about it!... You can find out all the details HERE. Deadline to enter: December 20th.
Winner announced: Week of January 17.
Culinary Tour: Late February – early March, 2011
Sad news for me... it's only open to US bloggers. Oh well, I can dream, can't I

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bellini valli said...

I will dream along with you Ruth!