Monday, November 29, 2010

Epicurious Chose These as Most Influential Chefs

Epicurious chose the 15 Most Influential Chefs of the Last Decade. Some I know of, others... not yet. So grab a cup of your favorite brew (Earl Grey Tea is my choice) and see their accomplishments.

No.. I'm not giving you any more help than the link, but I do have two question for you... Choose one "famous" chef that has influenced where and what you eat and then choose one person in your life that has made an impact for you when it comes to the kitchen .

My Famous Chef: Jamie Oliver, not just because his dishes reflect our busy lifestyles and the fact that since many are fearful of the kitchen, he created dishes are easy to prepare and delicious to eat; not just because his focus is very much on the seasons at hand, eating locally grown & produced foods, supporting local farmers and finding healthful alternatives to the fast food nations we've become . It's about his passionate commitment to socially important projects like his restaurant Fifteen , helping disenfranchised youth find a positive place in society, like his work with schools to get better, healthier meal programs for our children under the umbrella of his "Food Revolution" and his Foundation that makes it all happen. I love his contagious enthusiasm and the fact that many chefs around the world are now making a difference in their communities.

My Personal Inspirations: because I couldn't come up with just one...

my grandmother, my mother and her sisters (my "Bubbie" on the left, Auntie Rita - the baby of seven children in the middle and my mother on the right) for making the kitchen the most wonderful place in our homes. No matter how horrible the day... and let's face it, to kids it sometimes doesn't take more than a friend saying something mean, a fall off the bike... to be a catastrophe. Wonderful kitchen aromas, a floury hug that even smells of cookies can make the day bright again.

And for me, another set of inspirers...
my daughters, Joanna & Sharron, who make cooking together the best activity I know and my grandsons Boaz almost 4 loves to cook and his little brother Dov,
who just turned 2, loves to eat. A perfect combination in my world.

So who are your inspirers? Please share in the comments.

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Joanne said...

More of a food writer than a chef (then again, what am i), I think Mark Bittman has influenced me quite a lot. Hard to pick just ONE though.

ANd then I think all of my fellow bloggers have influenced me more than ANYONE!