Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescued Chilean Miners Back to Safety

Like so many people around the world, I was glued to CNN yesterday following the successful rescue of the 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped for 69 days, 700 metres/2,296 feet below the surface. It took 17 days, before the world knew of their survival and the delicate rescue operation began. I was teary eyed as each man was reunited with family and friends. What a miracle. What a story of spirit, not only of the men below the surface, but of their families and the experts from around the world that did not give up.

Being a foodie, I naturally had to wonder about what they ate, what they'd want to eat as their first meal back home. I know that the last 10 days or so they were put on a liquid diet and given an exercise regimen to make sure they would fit into the rescue tube.

The Washington Post ran an article that said they survived the first 17 days by each miner eating just 1 spoonful of canned tuna every day or two (depending on which report you read) and sharing "mine" water to drink. Soon after they were discovered, a hole, the size of an orange was drilled through to them to send down food, medicine, music and phones.

I truly can't imagine their ordeal, and I do hope and pray that they will easily adjust back to being at home with family and friends and truly celebrating with their favorite foods - empanada de pino, or Charquican , or Curanto en Hoyo, or Prietas (blood pudding).

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