Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Perfect Fall Leek Soup

Funny thing about October... Grey, chilly and wet weather somehow is romantic. Same weather in late November has me grumbling. I'm not sure what that's about. It's perfect soup weather - either way. And, frankly, by November, I'm already craving Spring - in fact, it's only thick and hearty soups and stews that get me through the wintery months without killing anyone. Did I say that out loud?! OOPS. Back to this soup.

I've actually been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, and yet didn't get to make it until yesterday. Some things... after dreaming about them for a while, don't meet one's expectations.

Not so this simple, but simply delicious soup. I call it "The Perfect Fall Soup" because... well... it is! I mean, just look at that gorgeous broth... the color is Autumn itself, and you'll have to make it to get all those awesome aromas... the sweetness of the leeks, the thyme that brings out the mushrooms and makes the whole so earthy. But the real secret is the broth. I wait for the first cool days of late summer when all those tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms show up at the market to make some roasted vegetable broth and then fill my freezer with ziplock baggies in 2 cup proportions - perfect for a single serving and a perfect base for anything. One of my favorites is Adzuki Bean Stew (but I digress). Roasting the vegetables and garlic only take 20 minutes and fill the house with the most magical aromas and then the slow simmering for a couple of hours does the rest while you just continue to inhale and smile. See why I make a huge batch? Pulling a bag of frozen broth out of the freezer makes any weather bearable.

This time, because I have pasta on the brain... Tigerfish of Teczcape is hosting this week's Presto Pasta Night Roundup, I added some orecchiette. If you have a pasta recipe, just email tigerfish1101 (at) yahoo (dot)com (dot) sg and cc me - ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com by Thursday night.
Not only that, but a wonderful blogger - Girlichef and some friends came up with another awesome weekly event...Hearth & Soul - don't you just love the sound of that? Head over to find out all about it.

What's the dish you think about forever before you finally succumb to cooking it?


girlichef said...

You're right, Ruth...this is the perfect bowl of soup for fall! I have to admit, though...I never tire of this weather. Sure, I crave a little bit of sunshine here and there, but I bask in the melancholy ;) Wish I had a big bowl right glad you shared it with the hearth and soul hop this week :)

Christy said...

Ruth what a heavenly bowl of soup- I just love leeks in my veggie soup, they are just perfect for it! My favorite part of fall and winter is the soups and stews and all the heartiness of it! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!

Claudia said...

I love a good soup like this, and we've been getting some nice leeks from our CSA.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks ladies. Another great fall dish is stew - and leeks are lovely in that too.