Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer's Here - Happy Canada Day & Fourth of July

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In truth, Canada Day is half over, but we're taking a break from people watching at the Halifax Harbour...lots of flags gracing hair dos and face paintings, even more red shirts - it's almost a uniform, lunch on a sunny terrace ... less than memorable service, but...moving along...a brilliantly sunny day to wander about and enjoy lots of festivities. Later, perhaps we'll take in more fun and fireworks.

I'm sure most...or at least some of you North Americans will be dressed in Red & White (Canadians) and Red, White & Blue (Americans) over the weekend and doing much feasting, much of it at barbecues and picnics that will showcase red, white & blue foods. Burgers are on our menu least the sauce and slices of tomatoes will be red, but I couldn't wait to share this particular recipe for BBQ will thank me... and Anthony Sedlak, chef and host of The Main on the Food Network, author of The Main {Recipes} I will be writing more about the book, very soon.

When I was licking the spoon, I had visions of Anthony Sedak's Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce becoming a tradition at your house, just as it will at mine. In fact, I can already see it as the perfect slather for BBQ ribs and chicken.

Although this Smoked Mackerel & Scallion Tart, might not have the colours right, it will be remembered long after any brunch or buffet supper you serve it at. I actually had a back up plan in mind when I made this because my Honey is not that fond of fish (other than battered haddock, salmon fillets and tilapia), but I was wrong and he even had seconds! It. Is. That. Good.

And I have to show off my homemade Pate Brisee crust that enveloped it. Light, flaky and easy to work with. What more could I ask for.
As well as the homemade Creme Fraiche.
The finished tart might not be red, white & blue, but it is spectacular! It's a perfect marriage of smoked fish, fresh herbs, rich creme fraiche and light flaky crust.

No matter what you'll be serving wherever you might be - have a happy weekend. And don't forget that I'm hosting Presto Pasta Night tomorrow. Please send me your entries by midnight tonight - ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.

POST SCRIPT: Anthony's "World Famous" Burgers were pretty darn tasty, especially with his wonderful Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce and a double layering of sweet Vidalia onion slices.

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bellini valli said...

Happy Canada Day Ruth. It sounds like Halifax is alive with activity. I had no doubt you would be eating well!!!