Thursday, July 29, 2010

Officially Moved In But Where's the Kitchen?

It's official...we've moved in to our new home, but as you can see it will be a while before I get to really enjoy my awesome kitchen.
And this is the view from the kitchen to what usually is a spectacular view of The Bedford Basin and a glimmer of the mouth of Halifax Harbour where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.... Can you see our new Weber BBQ on the balcony? Look closely under the reflection of the light in the window (third from left).
This is the photo my Honey took, standing on the balcony... today it looks like we live in the clouds or some mystical land. Do you think some good fairies will come and magically unpack for us?...and perhaps massage my aching feet and back?
But I digress.... tomorrow is Friday and time for another fantastic Presto Pasta Night Roundup. We will be beyond busy handing over keys to our old place and hopefully heading out to camp to see family...mainly two delicious little boys who have been missing us as much as we've been missing them....Sooooooo.....I'm giving you all a head's up to keep checking More Than Words tomorrow where Daphne will be putting together this week's roundup. I admit that I haven't had a second (not to mention I was without the internet since yesterday) to check out the entries. I'm sure they're all wonderful and I'm looking forward to kicking off my shoes and checking them all out sometime soon. Thanks everyone for taking part, and Daphne for hosting for the FOURTH time!!!

Next week, it's my turn to host. Hopefully I will have found the pasta pot and actually take part....I'm definitely craving pasta! Please mention Once Upon a Feast and Presto Pasta Night and email your entries to - ruth (at) gmail (dot) com.

Now it's time for a long soak in my new tub...if I can find the bubbles!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I know you will love your new place Ruth..and the best part of moving to me is unpacking and finding that special placed for everything. It will be magic in your kitchen!!

So So Simple said...

How exciting to be in your new house. Looks wonderful. Congratulations.

Katie Zeller said...

You're views are going to be spectacular - when the fog lifts. How exciting to be in a new place - and one that doesn't require renovation..... Have fun unpacking!