Friday, April 2, 2010

Presto Pasta Night #157

This week's roundup is filled with lots of heavenly dishes and the stars seem to be garlic, more garlic, cabbage, more garlic and ... well, see for yourself.

Elly Says Opa is here with a wonderful Cavatappi with Bacon, Goat Cheese, & Peas to say "hello" to Spring. Her pasta dishes always are a favorite with PPN.
Pam of Sidewalk Shoes has another creamy dish for us. This one is Farfalle with Bitter Greens & Sausages and looks fantastic.
Bob, who's always Cooking Stuff came up with this very inventive Irish Mac 'n Cheese. Who'd have thought to add Guinness, corned beef & cabbage! I must give it a try.
Cynthia, the Kitchen Vixen, made a Spicy Kimchi Chicken & Cabbage with Vermicelli that I know will thrill my daughter and son-in-law in particular. They're both huge kimchi fans. I'm still developing a taste for it.
Cabbage seems to be another common ingredient this week. Gaga in the Kitchen makes this wonderful Crispy Pan Fried Noodles with meat, cabbage and carrots...not to mention a little oyster sauce.
Nic of Lemon & Cheese made a wonderful and healthful Minestrone Soup that is definitely a step up from what she used to eat as a kid. This one looks delicious.
Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything has been AWOL from PPN for a while, but she's back. As always, her photos have me drooling. I can't wait to try her Spelt Pasta with Goat Chorizo and Mussels, a fantastic looking dish. Nice to have you back.
Katie, of Thyme for Cooking shares another funny story - she always does - and a mouth watering dish of Garlic Meatballs & Angel Hair Pasta that I'll be making very soon. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
Joanne, who Eats Well With Others and writes very funny posts, also shares some amazing recipes. Her Eggplant & Tofu in Spicy Garlic Sauce over Pasta sounds awesome, even for the non tofu lovers out there (like me).
Kirsten of From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours back (after a brief hiatus) with a very garlicky and very Springlike dish that she calls Garlic Lovers Pasta...I wonder why.
Margaret of Tea & Scones made a very tasty looking (and sounding) Chicken with Squash & Pasta.
Chaya the Comfy Cook is celebrating Passover (like me) and so is avoiding regular noodles...which didn't keep her from making some unorthodox noodles of her own for her chicken soup.
Sherra of Our Taste of Life and last week's PPN Hostess, who did a superb job, shares this very nourishing Seafood & Noodle Hot Pot.
Tigerfish of Teczcape makes Tuna & Macaroni new and wonderful. Definitely not my mother's version - thank Goodness!
Somehow, even though I bought special kosher for Passover pasta - two types even, I didn't get to make anything. Too much over indulging from the weekend on has left me over stuffed and not too into eating - which means not into cooking either. That said I will be using the rotelle with my left over chicken soup. And I still have plans for a simple pasta with goat cheese...perhaps I'll do one of those garlicky versions above.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, Sara, the Kitchen Vixen will not be able to host this week's Presto Pasta Night. Instead, I'll be hosting again. Just send an email with your entry to to me - ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.

If you're interested in hosting a PPN this summer, drop me a line. It's lots of fun and a great way to meet wonderful bloggers.


gaga said...

Great roundup! Thanks for hosting!

Kirsten Lindquist said...

Beautiful roundup Ruth! I love all of the garlic!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

An excellent round-up as usual Ruth. Have a fantastic weekend!!!

pam said...

Wonderful round up!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent round-up, Ruth. (Really, there aren't enough days in the week to make all the dishes I've chosen from this lineup!)


(Made walnut cream sauce with spaghettini last night. Did we take photos? Alas no. We were too busy with our forks and spoons.)

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks all, I couldn't agree more.

Elizabeth - been there, done that more times than I can count.

Katie Zeller said...

Some great spring pastas (and garlic, yum) I'm getting inspired again....

Joanne said...

I'm loving this round-up Ruth! Great job.

tigerfish said...

I shall have all the garlic pasta and the vampire will avoid me ;p

Thanks for the round-up, Ruth :)

Douglas said...

Wow. Some fabulous ideas and very creative pasta dishes!!! Bravo!!! Please feel free to visit my blog which specializes in spaghetti carbonara. I'm intested in authentic recipes with eggs, no cream! Thank you!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for hosting this week Ruth! It all looks fabulous! I definitely see a lot of good dinner ideas =)