Sunday, March 7, 2010

Leftover Pasta + Eggs = A Perfect Frittata

There is no question that pasta plus any other ingredient - often just a little oil & garlic - makes a great meal. From the quick and easy to the more elaborate, time consuming, multiple pot varieties, pasta wins the day for versatility.

Even better, is the fact that pasta leftovers turn magically into something new and entirely different. So, typically I make enough to feed a small army (my father said I learned the skill from my mother, who obviously in another life, fed the great armies of the world). That way, I'm sure of another wonderful dinner by just adding a touch more sauce, perhaps some chopped vegetables, a little cheese or garlicky breadcrumb mixture on top and a bake in the oven.

Cavatelli Frittata

I'll be honest though, my favorite remake is the frittata and yesterday that meant sauteeing some chopped pancetta until almost crispy, tossing in Thursday's Cavatelli with Cauliflower until heated through, adding the eggs....and just a short wait until we ate a heavenly, leisurely weekend brunch.

What's your favorite pasta remodel? And don't forget to share your pasta - new or recycled versions with Presto Pasta Night. This week Kirsten, From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours, is hosting for the first time – so glad to have you host the first PPN for year #4.

Just send an email to kirstenmlindquist AT gmail DOT com and a cc to me ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.


Martha's Menagerie said...

I couldn't agree more - love pasta frittatas here too! Some people have looked at me like I have two heads when I've mentioned it, LOL! So good!

I have one in the archives - is it ok to send older entries for PPN as long as I add a PPN link?

Ruth Daniels said...

While it's fine to use an older post, it probably would be better if you do a new post, linking to the older one - a new story for it. But if that's too complicated, than atleast mention and link to Presto Pasta Nights.

See you at the roundups.

Patsyk said...

We love pasta, but I hadn't added it to a frittata before! I don't always make extra pasta, but when I do I'll drizzle some of my favorite salad dressing over the top and nibble on it for lunch the next day.

Shut Up and Cook said...

Love the frittata idea! We always have left over pasta, so will definitely give this a shot.

I also like to use pasta as the base from which to use up other leftovers. Take, for example: Artichoke Hearts, Prosciutto, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Fettuccine

Box of pasta, few half empty jars of artichokes and tomatoes, a glug of cream, a dash of Parmesan and we're in business!

Ruth Daniels said...

That does sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing.