Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sad Day in Hooterville - I Mean Halifax Market

It's a sad, sad day in Hooterville, I mean at the Halifax Farmer's Market. True, normally anytime from January to end of March, there is a dirth of green. And, perhaps because I haven't been since mid December, I'm just not used to such a limited supply.

Ted Hutton, definitely my favorite farmer, with the biggest stall and the most interesting vegetables - even in the winter, couldn't make it in because of the huge snow storm that affected the Annapolis Valley yesterday.
Even the butchers had trouble getting in.
In fact, the only line up was at Getaway Farms - grass fed Galloway beef, and was so long that all the gorgeous, meaty short ribs were gone by the time it was my turn. So I made my way home with some pain chocolat for breakfast, cheese & baguette for later and some scallops and eco certified salmon (farmed but under very strict guidelines) for dinner.

Sad, but all in all, not a bad score of locally produced delicacies, given it's dead of winter here. What do your markets look like...or do you even have any in the winter?


Tea4Two said...

I have been all over Canada and now live in Calgary. The Halifax Farmers Market has been the best that I have been to. We walked from our home with our buggy, carrying our large pickle jar to have it filled with honey. We would come home with the largest roasting chickens, most flavourful veggies and always a treat. The experience was wonderful. We would be entertained by musicians, children singing, and by watching market folk sewing, building, and cooking. I so miss this. Thank you for the pictures.
Lynda McLaughlin

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for dropping by. I don't think you can get your pickle jar filled any longer - I only see honey sold in jars, everything else is as wonderful.