Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Meals Are Delicious Too

It's been a crazy two weeks around here...Jewish Holidays, daily routines, plus...I am so excited...I'll be heading out to Prince Edward Island for their fantastic Fall Flavours Festival. I'll be covering the event for's blog....attending events, eating delicious, meals all made of locally sourced ingredients - stay tuned for updates. Chef Michael Smith is PEI's food ambassador, and it will be great getting to see him again (and get a copy of his new book The Best of Chef At Home).

So last night was a simple...and simply delicious meal of Pasta with Shrimp & Lemon Sauce. We forgot about the salad and just ate two bowlfuls. It was that good. I just got a new camera, so it will take some time before I get the photos to look as good as the dishes....a work in progress.
No time for more chit-chat....I'll be writing more once I get to PEI...
This is my entry for this week's Presto Pasta Night, and our fantastic guest host...Sara of I'm a Food Blog. Don't forget to send your entries to her - sara (at) imafoodblog (dot) com and cc me - ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.
Given that I'll be out of town until Sunday, do check Sara's site tomorrow for the roundup and I'll do my magic (listing it everywhere else) once I'm back in town. And happy pasta eating everyone!


Sara said...

I seriously love simple seafood pasta dishes like this, they are one of my favorite things to throw together. Have a great time at the festival, so cool you are covering it for Canada Food Network! Good for you :)

Joanne said...

Your title to this post is so true! I love simple dishes. Lemon and seafood go so well together in pasta. Definitely a great dish. But I wouldn't expect anything less! Have fun at the festival.