Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asian-style Baby Eggplant over Pasta

Ever have one of those days when you don't really know what you want and so a meal isn't a "meal" per se?
I had some gorgeous baby eggplants that I bought at the market (my good buddy Ted Hutton of Hutton farms has all sorts of interesting veggies) and he had the perfect recipe for it too.

Sauteed Asian-Style Baby Eggplants

Joanna had made delicious Lemon Roasted New Potatoes and I had to get the recipe.

So I munched on those things yesterday, along with cold boiled corn - no toppings, just the sweet goodness of corn on the cob, freshly picked.

Today, I realized that I'm hosting this week's Presto Pasta Night and that I should probably remind you all to send me your delicious dishes. Just send the link to ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com. But what was I going to make to entice you?...Hmmmm... tossed the leftover eggplant over some cooked fusili and voila - delicious. I liked it better heated up - just a quick saute of pasta and eggplant with all its delicious juices, but it tasted quite lovely cold.
So what are you making this week?


Bellini Valli said...

The baby eggplants are a sure fire way to shake up a pasta dish Ruth. Love lemon potatoes as well, so, don't know which I would enjoy the most.

Marq | Uprinting.com said...

I totally agree! A meal isn't a meal unless you're satisfied with it. Those mouth-watering pictures look really tasty!

Joanne said...

As you know, I'm on an eggplant kick lately. I love the way you've prepared it here with the soy sauce.

Ruth Daniels said...

Ladies, thanks for dropping by. As for having difficulty with which to choose...How come we can't get fresh foods spread over the entire year? Of course, then we probably wouldn't be as excited as we get this time of year with all those fresh from the market choices.

Joanne...eggplant is fantastic - too bad my Honey is not such a big fan. Good thing eggplant can be "hidden" in so many dishes ;-)