Monday, August 24, 2009

A Nice Invitation to Share my Views on Food

Tasty treats from Hutton Family Farm at Halifax Saturday Farmers Market

I recently was invited to be a guest blogger on East Coast By Check it out and then think about what your food philosophy is.

Do you just grab whatever is handy?

Do you love to spend hours in the kitchen trying complex dishes or prefer to "whip something up"?

Are you a "live to eat" or "eat to live" person?

Is eating local important to you?

Do you get excited about how food looks, smells, tastes?

I remember when I was younger, my cousin (always a radical, always boycotting, or protesting something or other) said we shouldn't eat...I don't remember what exactly, but I do remember asking if the reason was political or health oriented.

Please share your views in the comments.


Psychgrad said...

I dream about being able to use food to its fullest -- cooking fresh, local food every night. But, realistically - it's not something I'm able to do on a daily basis.

I would think most people that comment on foodblogs would "live to eat" as opposed to "eat to live". So - maybe not the most representative sample.

I think I get excited about the process of cooking -- picking a recipe or being inspired by ingredients and then creating the dish. The eating part is sometimes (but not always) anti-climactic.

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for the guest post, Ruth!