Friday, July 17, 2009

Sad Story of Eating out on South Beach Diet

This Dai Grilled Steak and salad was actually supposed to be last night's dinner. But The Tall Ships are in town and that's a spectacular site, so I met my Honey for a stroll on the Harbour Front and perhaps some grilled calamari and a glass of wine to nibble on while we people and boat watched.

We found lots of places to buy, fried onion rings, clams, calamari, fact, just about everything seemed to be fried or served on a bun. And the line-up for any restaurant with a terrace (even for fried food) was long. So we walked a little further afield...similar story and I really wasn't in the mood for salad.

In the end, we found a Greek restaurant - not our best meal, so I won't share the who or where of it (remember, I only say good things or nothing at all), I did get my grilled calamari served with a salad and my Honey had his with a lamb skewer.

What we did decide, was that perhaps we stick to eating at home for a while. I know I won't be disappointed. And tonight's dinner of steak and salad was because my Honey has been craving a steak for days. He usually likes his with Montreal Steak Spice, which I find too salty. Actually, the real Montreal Steak Spice served first at Schwartz' Deli was/is awesome, but the kind in the bottles I find are not nearly the same.

I decided to try the fantastic rub called Dai (after the Province in China that it comes from) that I used to make Dai Chicken. It's from the most fantastic book - Beyond the Great Wall. The Sichuan peppercorns add a unique flavor - sort of woodsy as well as peppery. I'm pleased to say, it worked beautifully on the steak. Good to know.

So what do you do when eating out on a diet? Or do you?


Johanna said...

I know the scene - not because I eat out while on a 'diet; but because eating out as a vegetarian can have similar problems - I have learnt to suggest appropriate foods occasionally and to avoid some sorts of restaurants - but every now and again I am pleasantly surprised because my expectations are low - the best food is definitely at home!

Ruth Daniels said...

You are so right - the best food IS at home.

cali chic said...

I'm actually a little shocked at your experience. My mother and I never had problems finding SB friendly restaurants, especially when it comes to seafood! Maybe it was just an off night, don't give up, you'll feel so proud when you pass on the bread basket!

Ruth Daniels said...

There are lots of great SB friendly restaurants, but most of the cheap eats around where we were focus very heavily on fried...deep fried...and more fried. Unless you want to spend $$$ for fine dining. And of course, my obsession with finding grilled calamari didn't help.

Thanks for the comment and encouragement.