Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Ice Cream Dilemma

Back in early June, it was hot - finally, but oh so short lived - and my Honey and I decided that we should have some ice cream in the house. So we went to our neighborhood grocery store and had the debate over which ice cream to choose.
The Breyers Double Churn - as if regular ice cream wasn't rich enough, caught our attention. My Honey always goes for chocolate, so it was no surprise that he wanted the Dark Chocolate Velvet. I'm a vanilla girl, and so....we took them both home. And they were delicious! Rich, creamy, flavorful...what more could a person want.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was approached to sample Breyers latest and couldn't wait for the package (above) to arrive. Check out the cute bowls and spoons (for sharing). And then we went to Montreal & Toronto and came back in desperate need of South Beach Dieting. So the box, the bowls and the coupons have been sitting on our table, waiting...waiting...waiting.

Now, it's apparently not part of the real campaign, where you can win prizes,...
...but these bars are double churned, extra creamy and wonderful none the less and only 70 calories per bar with NO sugar for us SBDieters. That said, I think this weekend, we'll be doing a "Cheat Night" and guess what's for dessert!


Hopie said...

What a cute package! Ice cream tasting - now that's a good summer occupation :-)

UPrinting said...

Only 70 calories, and no sugar? Now, that's definitely a treat! I'm more of a strawberry person, but right now vanilla sounds perfect!

Ruth Daniels said...

Hopie....it would be even more fun if we weren't counting calories ;-)

UPrinting, the bars only come in chocolate - still tasty though