Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're On Vacation - But First a Lobster

We're on vacation, so I won't be posting as often as usual for the next couple of weeks. That said, I couldn't leave without sharing last night's dinner. Joanna will be celebrating a big birthday...I'll never tell which the in-laws invited us over to their place for lobster. Of course there were a couple of hold-outs who preferred steak...more for the rest of us to share.

It was a pretty "Eat Local" meal...lobster from off the coast of Nova Scotia, local new potatoes and fresh mixed greens and herbs for the salads. And for the hold outs...Canadian beef steaks.
Here's the best lobster recipe anywhere from Clearwater who believe in sustainability and responsible stewardship, and the ones we had...1 1/2 pound/680 grams of the juiciest, sweetest, most delicious lobsters found anywhere.

I brought the salads...usually at local Nova Scotian Lobster Suppers, you'll also find potato salad, and I wanted to take it beyond the usual, very mayo versions found around here.

Roasted Potato & Garlic Salad with Mint (somehow, I don't have a photo...too bad, it's almost as pretty as it is delicious) still has some mayo (I like Hellmann's with Olive Oil) and some white wine vinegar. The real stars are the roasted garlic and fresh mint.

Instead of coleslaw, I made an Asian Mango Salad made with local mixed greens with blackberries as well.
The Birthday Girl wanted some of my Katherine Hepburn Brownies for her cake. How could I say no? Lots of candles to blow out, so Boaz helped his mummy.

Dinner was delicious, filled with lots of local goodies and now we're off to Montreal and Toronto. I'm sure I'll get some time to share some photos of our food journey. Don't be jealous.


Happy cook said...

Ruth enjoy you well deserved holiday.
Love lobster and this looks yumm.

Bellini Valli said...

Have a wonderful time Ruth. I miss the fresh Atlantic lobsters:D