Thursday, May 14, 2009

Toronto Visit - Foodie Friends & Family

I'm in Toronto for a quick visit with some Foodie friends and family, so not much time to write.

One thing I really love about the city is the diversity. On a fifteen minute streetcar ride to the the Yonge subway line from my daughter's house near Dundas & Brock in the West End, I passed through Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and parts of Asia - mostly China, Vietnam and a bit of Japan.

I love convenience stores in Toronto...fresh produce, ethnic baked goods and fresh flowers stand out among the usual chips, soft drinks etc. And they are everywhere. The photo above is a block from my daughter and there's another one just like it on the opposite corner of the intersection! And, might I add....that's the norm!

After a day of visiting, it was back to my daughter's with a stop for a bit of Vietnam (two kinds of delicious Spring Rolls) and Thailand (awesome shrimp pad Thai) and take home a little bit of Portugal (these gorgeous custard tarts). And because my daughter had to show me the cutest pastry shop across the street from the restaurant (a block and a half from where she lives...which is dangerous)...She Takes the Cake is filled with wonderful, fanciful cakes, tarts and cupcakes, and I will be writing more about them once I'm back in Halifax. But for's a look at what we took home....

Dolce de Leche Cake (fits in the palm of your hand)

their famous Lemon Square

Apple Crumble

Now I'll sign of so I can munch on a custard tart before I shower and head out on more food adventures.


Anonymous said...

Yum! The picture of the lemon square looks good enough to eat!

Toronto was my home until the early 80's and there are many things my husband and I miss such as the markets and discovering interesting restaurants. However we don't miss other aspects of big city living which time and progress brings!

Dee Blaine

Ruth Daniels said...

Dee..I hear you. I took an hour to get from the airport to downtown and crazy traffic jams in town make a short trip last forever.

That said...everything else is awesome.

foodiechickie said...

I do love Canada. Toronto is such a fantastic city.