Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wonders of Pomegranates

How to start....and warning that this is one of those convoluted posts I sometimes write.

I know that pomegranates are good for us...antioxidant superpower...cardio vascular booster...and the color!...deep dark purpley fuchsia...but I don't like fruits with little pits. Seriously...I buy seedless grapes and watermelons! I don't even eat raspberry jam.

When I was a kid, we would always have pomegranates for the Jewish New Year...that's when we have a "new" fruit on the table. And, frankly, it was the only time of year I remember even seeing them in a grocery store. And although I liked the tart taste, I never knew what to do with the pits. Do you swallow them? Do you hide them in a napkin? What if there are only cloth napkins around?

And the girls swear I made them eat them naked so the juice wouldn't stain their clothes. Don't believe them, even for a second!

Back to the present....I'm so happy that I can now find pomegranate juice - and no pits to worry about! Especially since they're so good for us.

POM...I even love their site (POM Wonderful) makes some great products and recipes so check them out. I've used their juice in many a dish...pour a little in with citrus marinade for chicken and add to vinaigrettes...delicious. In fact, they have some great recipes to experiment with.

I like my juice right out of the fridge over some ice. And now they have Pomegranate Tea, with a sprig of mint ... a very tasty afternoon pick-me-up... especially when the sun is shining like it's summer, but you still have to wear gloves (4 degrees C/39F).

Yesterday I wrote about my new favorite cookbook - it's awesome! Chocolate for Breakfast . No...I didn't find any pomegranate recipes, but it did make me think about breakfast. I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the least I know that IN THEORY. I know that we're wired to either use or store energy and that if we don't start the day with a healthy dose of goodness, our brain thinks we're starving and then stores our energy, turning what we eat into that lovely fat ring around our waists, just in case we suffer from a drought or something...

BUT.... practically speaking, I'm a brunch person myself. Even though I wake early and am usually at my desk by 7-7:30 in the morning with coffee at my side, my mouth doesn't usually work well until later. All those glorious recipes in the book, made me more aware that, in fact, it doesn't have to take long to whip up some luscious dish, even at the crack of dawn. I'm working at it, but it still seems hard to get my mouth to work at chewing things that early in the morning.

And back to do know that eventually I get to the point of a story.... This morning I started off my day with a hearty smoothie from POM and threw in some frozen blueberries instead of the ice cubes. Delicious and no chewing required!

And for dinner tonight, I'll be doing a take on POM's Glazed Roast Chicken, using the boneless breasts that are sitting in the fridge.

What do you eat for breakfast?


marye said...

what do I eat for breakfast? Used to be coffee and a cigarette in the 80s...

Cara said...

I've never heard of the Pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah thing - thanks for sharing! I must say I am surprised you dislike the seeds - they are one of my favorite additions to a salad and they look so pretty too!

Ruth Daniels said...

Marye, I used to be a coffee & cigarette person in the '80s too. Glad that's a thing of the past at least. what DO you do with the seeds after you munch off the juice?!

katiez said...

I have a pomegranate tree (bush, whatever) at this house... It's tiny, but we have hope!

Ruth Daniels said...

Katie, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

And one tells me what to do with the pits!

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