Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunny Vacation Spot Right Here at Home

It's true that today is sunny...make that brilliant....sunglasses definitely required...but it is still winter and cold...bone chilling cold. It's that time of year when northerners especially dream of warmer places to escape to.

But what do you do when travel is really not an option? Well here in Halifax you can head over to Mezza Mediterranean Grill. (Turn up the volume when you check it out). It leaves winter at the door and brings in the Middle East warmth instantly. I just wrote about it for Foodtv's blog and thought I'd share a few more photos.

After much difficulty in deciding on the ONE thing to order from their menu, my daughter chose this Kafta kebab plate - minced local lamb, mixed with fresh vegetables, Lebanese herbs and spices creating an extraordinary Lebanese traditional Kafta skewer.

I had the lamb kebab, both are served with fatouch salata, pita bread, rice or batata and very tasty dips - garlic or chili. If you can't make it to Halifax, you can make my version of Fatoush - my favorite Mediterranean style salad - with chunky vegetables, sumac, fresh mint, pita "croutons" and a very lemony vinaigrette.

So where do you go or what do you do to help put winter behind you?

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So Simple said...

Hi Ruth
That restaurant sounds appetizing. I am looking forward to eating out when we return. As much as I love cooking it's nice to taste someone else’s food.