Saturday, January 24, 2009

Perfect Start to the Day

For a brief time every year, Starbucks brings out my very favorite coffee - Casi Cielo from Guatemala. It's rich and full bodied without being bitter and it's here now!!!! I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas, opening that first gift.

I know today will be excellent because in addition to drinking some Casi Cielo, I was listening to CBC radio and there was a call in show. People requesting songs and birthday wishes. A little girl, very articulate, called requesting a song for her mummy's birthday by Joel Plaskett, who I had never heard of. The song was Nowhere With You and had me bopping in my seat....favorite line "turn that frown upside down". Please check it out and add a smile to your day. Oh....and if you can get your hands on some Casi Cielo...even better.

Have an excellent day.

1 comment:

Navita said...

Have an excellent weekend Ruth..loved that song! I listen to the radio too...its fun how ppl connect...:)