Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Swear It's Really a Pasta Dish

I know what you're thinking...that's a steak...not pasta with the broccoli rabe. Which would be fine, except that this is my official entry for Presto Pasta Night this week, graciously hosted by by Ivy of Kopiaste, a really lovely blog.

Here's my sad story...I thought I would be done with South Beach Diet, Phase One with no carbs, but apparently, my scale (and my clothes) disagree. So it's at least one more week before real pasta touches my lips.

That said, the Sicilian-style broccoi Rabe you see above, really does make a fantastic pasta dish, especially with some multi grain pasta and an extra swirl of good extra virgin olive oil. The anchovies give it a saltiness and the red chili pepper flakes add some of that heat Sicilians are famous for.

And if you're like me...dieting, that is...it makes a great side for grilled meat or fish. I wonder what other pasta "sauces" I can co-opt?

Don't forget to send Ivy your pasta entries by Thursday. Email to ivyliac (at)gmail (dot) com


Maria said...

I love broccoli rabe and this sounds delicious.

Ivy said...

I want to start dieting as well only I wonder when!! The broccoli rabe would make a perfect pasta dish. Thanks Ruth for giving me the opportunity to host.

Bellini Valli said...

My absense from PPN explains my complete and utter dedication to my "no white" rule ...no snickering in the background please....I am trying to adhere to the no/low carb plan these days even though I have nothing against pasta. I adore pasta!!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Maria, broccoli rabe is lovely...I can't find it often here in Halifax, but lovely when I do.

Ivy, it's my pleasure to have you host PPN. Thanks a million.

Val, I wish I had your discipline about the no white carbs, but I have come to actually enjoy trying out different grains in pasta and breads...although both will have to wait another week or so.

Thanks for dropping by.