Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hunkering Down for the Duration & Meals for Stormy Weather

Our 2009 started off with a bang...make that blizzard. I'm not least not yet. It's perfect for staying indoors, watching some old movies, eating some comfort food and catching up on writing and calling friends and family. In other words, just plain relaxing before real life kicks in again on Monday. And if you only want some recipes....scroll down to the bottom.

I can't believe I hadn't posted since December 23rd. We did go away, but have been back for days, doing the usual "after travelling" routine....laundry, more laundry and errands.

Boaz turns two on Monday and the big birthday party is on Sunday, so there were presents to buy (He helped me take this photo), fridge to stock for the storm we knew was coming and finish the little bear I knit for the baby.

And seriously, doesn't this little angel deserve his own huggable bear?

Poppa (or my Honey, depending on who's talking to him) with Dov, the cuddliest baby on earth.

Even though we left Toronto so stuffed we thought we'd never want to eat again, that didn't last long, so here are a few dishes I whipped up, because "Quick & Easy" is about all I want to do....

Spice Rubbed Roasted Salmon with Stuffed Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Bread Machine Plus Pumpernickel Rye
(nothing is faster than throwing fabulous ingredients into a bread machine and letting it do all the work. This one made some great sandwiches with the leftover salmon)

And, naturally, I can't go for too long without some pasta...Pasta Pepe e Cacio (doesn't it even sound wonderful) was very tasty, and I should have left well-enough-alone and not added the Sichuan Peppercorn Grilled Tipapia (which was delicious, but really didn't stand out).

And the perfect segue...don't forget, Presto Pasta Nights which resumes on January 9th, with Yours Truly hosting the first roundup of the year. Just email your entries to me... ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.


Johanna said...

wow that top photo is really beautiful but probably nicer as a photo than an experience - good luck with a chilly start to the year - hope you have lots of good food to keep you warm - happy new year!

Beth said...

Very cute!! Happy new year!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks Johanna, it was nicer from the inside and yes...lots of food to keep us warm and happy.

Wishing you all you wish for in 2009.

Mary said...

I always love to see pictures of Grandpa's with their newest baby. There is something so endearing about seeing a baby gently held by hands as big as they are. Happy New Year, Ruth. Stay war and safe during that storm and have a great birthday party.

Ruth Daniels said...

Mary, thanks for dropping by. The storm is over, now all is sunshine and white...wonder how long that will last.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year.

giz said...

I watched the news on your snowfall - oh my - heart attack snow shovelling experiences. I also love the name Boaz - very biblical.

Pam said...

I love the cuddly baby picture! What a cutie!