Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Thanksgiving and the Stores are Closed is Thanksgiving Monday and the stores are why didn't I think of this yesterday?...too busy having fun at the Maritime Fall Fair with the family. As you can see, Boaz was a little leary of the merry go round even with Grandma. But he really did love all the animals...I digress.

It's rainy and chilly here in Halifax today and perfect weather for soups and stews. I have a huge batch of roasted vegetable broth left over from last week's Puree of Roasted Vegetable Soup . That doesn't count the 8 ziplock bags already in the freezer. I much prefer it to any of the store bought varieties I've tried.

Again I ramble....I decided the Adzuki Stew would be perfect(same link as the broth) which is from one of my fave Vegetarian cookbooks...Fresh at Home. I really do have to write that one up soon.

This time...I thought I had adzuki beans in a can in the cupboard...and perhaps I do, but I can't find them. I did have some cooked chickpeas that I soaked and cooked last week and haven't used yet. So before they go bad...I used those and ...oops...I used double the broth and then realized I only had half the amount of chickpeas. Fortunately I did have a couple of tins of small Navy beans that I added. And, since my Honey likes a thicker soup...I just did a couple of quick pulses with my immersion blender...what a great toy!

Actually we're heading off to Joanna & Ezra's tonight, so everyone will get a bowl of that before the main course that Joanna is making...Roasted Tongue in BBQ Sauce and Potato Kugel with some salad for that green that's required on the table.

I even made an interesting Chocolate Spice Loaf...drier and more like bread than cake, but very chocolatey, I must say,...that's if there's actually room for dessert.

Not bad for a day when stores are closed.


Hillary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ruth! Enjoy your meal, I can't believe the holiday is already here!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That Spice Loaf looks very good!