Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer's Almost Gone

Summer's almost gone...and how do I know that? know all those lovely sounds I talk about that make my neighborhood so romantic....the fog horns when there's misty fog is in the harbour...Oh Canada, played every morning at 8:00 A.M. from the Military base across the street...shift change whistle at the boat works down the road...well I can't hear them, or the music on my ipod for that matter...

It's the annual construction at the school next door. I suppose I can be comforted in the knowledge that it all must be finished before August 25th, (first day of school) but it's hard to concentrate on writing with that racket.

So I think I'll make today a "research" day...which means, take my camera and head out somewhere quiet that will inspire me.

By the time I get home, the workers will be gone for the day (I hope) and I can whip up an easy pasta recipe from my latest magazine purchase. I had committed to NOT buying magazines because I have so many great cookbooks to test out and write about, but I couldn't resist the cover of Delicious Magazine, August 2008. The rum soaked peaches with crumbled Jamaican ginger cake screamed my name. What was a girl to do? I'm only half-way through my first read and already have just about every page ear-marked. But tonight's dinner will be the very simple, very easy.

...from the article"The Big Easy - 50 Simple Summer Recipes" . Truthfully, it was impossible to choose, so I let my pantry make the decision...tuna won this time around. Next up....hmmmm will it be the chicken with rosemary & artichoke spaghetti or the griddled chicken with lemony barley couscous, saffron & prawn tagliatelle, crab and cherry tomato pasta with lemon & basil...anyone see a theme here?

Okay, you caught me, I couldn't resist the cover of Saveur with the hugest watermelon ever, so I bought that one two.

Well...tomorrow is Presto Pasta Night Roundup #76 and I'm hosting. You can check here for details about entering a dish and hosting a PPN yourself. Then email your entry to ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com.

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