Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday...No Mussels But Perfect Pizza & Soup

Well, Sunday didn't quite work out as planned either...the day was sunny and bright, but I wasn't. Somehow during the night I was visited with a whopper of a cold...so the plan for the day...stay home close to Kleenex and bed. No trip to the Mussel Festival this year. Nothing to do all day but read, nap and watch old movies. Isn't life hard!?!

So what about food? Well, fortunately for us, I have a stash of Split Pea Soup in the freezer...always nourishing of body and soul.

And, fortunate indeed, I had whipped up some Whole Wheat Pizza Dough on Saturday...thank goodness for the bread machine. Toppings...some grilled veggies (done on my Griddler)...red peppers, asparagus, sweet onions and oyster mushrooms over some left over Chunky No Cook Tomato Basil Sauce (again, thank goodness for freezers!). Cheese of choice this time....bocconcini.

All in all, a satisfying food day thanks to my favorite kitchen toys.


Corinne said...

That pizza looks amazing!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A delicious soup and a gorgeous looking pizza! Wow!



Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks, not bad for a sickie if I do say so myself.

kittie said...

Wow - that pizza looks absolutely fabulous!!!

kitchenetta said...

Mmmm, those dishes look so good. I always love to see what's cooking in your kitchen!

Ruth Daniels said...

thanks, it was pretty tasty. A great crust recipe. And Kitchenetta, thanks...your kitchen's pretty awesome too.