Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Best Cure for a Crummy Day - A Pot of Tea

Yet another gloomy day...wind...snow...rain...grey...SIGH! Am I the same person who started just about every post from April through December with "I love...the weather, the seasons, the food, the scenic trips around my new province..."? So here's my new pledge....


When my daughter was ten, she went through a rough period. She seemed to hate EVERYTHING. I was so frustrated one day that I wouldn't let her in the house until she actually could come up with 10 good things that happened that day. She cried "nothing good happened" (sobbing profusely). So I helped her with things more carpool with Mrs. X (she hated riding with her) for at least another 5 days!; teacher Y wasn't there today and there was a substitute; no more whatever until next week. As you can see, I just turned her negatives into warped positives.

So let me share some good things today....

1. There was a lovely pink sunrise over the harbour as I drove my Honey to work.

2. I actually got my Passover order...I know what you're thinking if you're Jewish...I know it's not for another three weeks or so, but the small amount that comes to Halifax gets bought up early.

3. All my running-around chores were done before 9AM.

4. My daughter (same one as above) was free for a lunch date.

5. The restaurant we chose - Il Mercato had some great choices...we shared a great mixed antipasto plate - my favorite dishes - an avocado and shrimp tambale, polenta cakes with mushroom pate topping and marinated mushrooms.

6. I get to use my newest toy...a pizza peel (or paddle) to make a lovely pizza for dinner.

7. And last, but not least, a glorious afternoon listening to music and savoring some lovely tea.

Last week I received a delicious variety of teas from The Language of the Leaf. Just visiting their site is calming and soothing and the teas....each one is more heavenly than the next. Neeta, the heart of Language of the Leaf sent me a fabulous sampler based on my favorite teas. So let me walk you through the descriptions on each of the resealable packages complete with brewing instructions. I can't wait to do an interview with her to discover how she comes by all these lovely teas. If you have any particular questions you'd like me to ask her...leave them in the comment section. In the meantime, these descriptions alone will take you to a happy place....

Casablanca Jasmine - fine China green tea leaves scented with mint and the heavenly fragrance of night blooming jasmine flower buds.

Earl Grey - blend of fine Ceylon Black tea with a fragrant citrus aroma and a hint of vanilla.

Earl Grey Supreme - (I did tell her Earl Grey blends were my favorite) - more flavour, special blend of fine 100% organic China Black tea and natural oil of Bergamot.

Shanghai Breakfast - a well balanced blend of peppery Chinese Yunnan and malty Indian Assam tea.

And because, I also said I like herbal teas too...Rooibos Sunset - Rooibos blended with citrus peels and oragne blossoms - South Africa.

Rooibos Aztec Mint - Rooibos scented with chocolate and a touch of refreshing mint. An altogether inspired after dinner combination (seriously! It tastes like after eight mints)

But I needed something to remind me that I was not going to complain about the weather. I needed a little Spring or Summer in my cup, so I chose Tropic of Mango - Green tea infused with the essence of mango. Fragrant and refreshing...(and definitely took my mind off the wintry weather outside my window).

So what takes you to your "happy place"?


Psychgrad said...

The tea looks like it would be really good.

I have had to partake in complete preparations for Passover before -- so I sympathize with your early order. But, I'm pretty secular.

My dad is considering travelling to China to avoid having to prepare his house.

Ruth Daniels said...

The tea really is wonderful.

As for getting ready for Passover, I'm pretty secular myself, but there are some lovely dishes I wouldn't be without. Fried matzoh, being a biggie! And a few dishes (not sure which ones yet) for my daughter's seder. Then we're actually off to spend most of Passover in Toronto, so not so much house prep this year.

Patsyk said...

I tend to leave my Passover purchases until nearly the last minute... but, then here in NJ we have quite a selection to choose from even 1 week before it starts. That was not the case when I lived in the Midwest.

I love how you turned your day around by making the list of 10 good things. I'll have to remember that one.

Ruth Daniels said...

Patsyk, when I was living in Toronto or Montreal, I could certainly leave Passover food shopping to the last minute. Afterall, lots of shops carried everything from fresh baked goods to canned and boxed. Aisles and aisles of grocery stores would be dedicated to Passover.

Here in Halifax, there are only TWO stores that carry any Passover products and one of them has perhaps 5 feet of one aisle devoted to Passover. The other one has a little more selection, but nowhere will I be able to find Nyfat ;-( If you're Indian think ghee, but a solidified vegetable oil rather than butter.

Ruth Daniels said...

And of course, I forgot to mention using Nyfat to make matzo balls.

giz said...

We're talking about Passover - please say it isn't so. I really liked the conversation about the teas - far more relaxing and I'm actually kinda partial to the Rooibos Euphoric - ahhhhh... just like a calgon bath.

antioxidants said...

Though warped, turning negatives into positives can greatly help the child. Great job you did for your child!

Johanna said...

rooibos aztec mint sounds amazing - I don't drink normal tea as I find the tannin too strong but rooibos sits well with me and I am excited to hear some interesting versions

kitchenetta said...

I love drinking tea too. So soothing and really good for the soul.