Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where Has My Head Been? Great Healthful South Beach Diet Friendly Dishes

I generally have a system when I blog....I cook, I write the recipe up and take a photo (or two or three...til I get it half decent) and post it on Recipes4EveryKitchen. Then I write some cover post for it here and...you read it, hopefully love it and make it yourself.

So how come I made these great dishes and forgot to write about them here?????. No answer... so I'll just share these tasty South Beach Diet friendly dishes now that we enjoyed over the weekend....

This Quick Navy Bean Soup is definitely a keeper....fast, easy, delicious, healthful...what more could you ask for on a cold winter day?

And this Quinoa, Tuna, Lime & Cilantro Salad is so good, I might have to take a break right now and have a spoonful. Did you know that quinoa - an ancient grain is actually a cousin to spinach and swiss chard? or that it's full of protein -one serving 20g which is twice as much as old fashioned oats. It's gluten free and apparently one of only a few plants that have all nine essential amino acids at once. It's supposed to help prevent migraine headaches, breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. At least that's what Clean Eating says and I believe them.

Dinner tonight...

I couldn't resist the local ground lamb and was inspired by a recipe for meat balls that I found in one of my daughter's cookbooks. Actually, it's nothing like the recipe except for the cumin and finely chopped almonds, but isn't that what inspiration is all about...finding an idea in one place and creating something magical?

What's your favorite "inspired" dish?

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