Thursday, November 15, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #38

This week's Presto Pasta Nights has lots of lovely rib sticking recipes for chilly weather, plus some that will be so Spring-like and colorful, you'll even forget that it's cold and gloomy (at least it is here in Halifax).

First in this week... Maude of Apron Strings and Simmering Things just missed last week's deadline so naturally she's first up for this one and I love it....Fettuccine with Italian Sausage & Marinara Sauce...perfect for our cold weather.

Michelle, the Greedy Gourmet (and why not since everything she does is delicious) was just behind her and she shares this Lamb Meatballs with a Dill Sauce...very interesting!

Chemcookit, the Italian in the US a frequent PPNer (I love it when she shares) brings another of my favorites ..Mushrooms Tagliatelle

Astrid of Preheat, is a first time PPNer - welcome!! She shares a Penne with Vodka Cream Sauce that even those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy.

Dolores of Culinary Curiosity is another first time PPNer. It's wonderful! So glad you came and how did you know that's my favorite combo - Scallops with Pesto on Pasta..perfection on a plate.

Gay, Scientist in the Kitchen is back with a wonderful Filipino version of Minestrone. I can't wait to try it.

Katie of Thyme for Cooking is back with more cabbage. This one is Cabbage & Sausages and it looks perfect for the season.

Sher of What Did You Eat? is back with some absolutely gorgeous Won tons. I want them NOW!

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy shares a very healthful Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower. I never really enjoyed cauliflower until I started the South Beach Diet, now I love it. So thanks, Alisha for a new recipe for me.

Haalo, Cook (Almost) Anything is such a great PPNer. I particularly love this Pappardelle con Rug├╣ di Cinghiale Salami e Pepperoni .

Anh, Food Lover's Journey shares a wonderful dish of Marinara Mussels. I wanted to lick the screen, but I'm not alone here!

Katie of Other People's Food brings a very cheery Orzo with Chicken, Corn & Beans which makes it perfect for my cold and dreary weather.

Dana, the amazing Vegan Visitor is back (I've missed her) with a stunning, rib-sticking (perfect for the weather) Pumpkin Manicotti.

As for me, I even got in two very seasonal dishes and by seasonal I mean comfort food to fend off the chilly, damp, rainy days here in Halifax.

Jamie Oliver's newest cookbook Cook with Jamiehelped me with this Mac 'n Cheese which really hit the spot.

And this Market inspired Foglio d'Autunno with Roasted Autumn Veggies was delicious if I do say so myself.

Don't forget to join in the fun for next week and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

As always...a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good work! They all look fabulous to me.
Our weather went horrid so I've been eating old favorites. See you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Another great roundup! I especially like Preheat's Penne with Vodka Cream Sauce! Delicous!

Anonymous said...

Great collection we have here.

Katie Zeller said...

Lot's of yummy recipes again! The weather's getting cold here - perfect for pasta! (Of course, so was summer's heat - for salads)

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks,ladies, but I must is a labor of love. How else would I get so many interesting and unique pasta recipes to try out? there a BAD time of year for pasta???? I think not! ;-)

Most importantly, thanks for coming back again and again with great pasta dishes to share.