Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hurricane Noel Update

Thanks all for your concern and ideas just in case our power went out.

We've been lucky. The rains have stopped. The winds (still 100- 140km. 62 -87 mph) hopefully will calm down later this afternoon. And we haven't lost power!!! Joanna & Ezra who live outside the city were not as lucky (along with another 200,000 households in Nova Scotia). Their power went out some time during the night and a huge tree on their lawn is hanging at a weird angle, fortunately not over the house.

Hopefully life will be back to normal very soon.


Valli said...

Hopefully life will get back to normal soon for everyone!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks Valli, life is back to normal for us. In fact, my neighborhood was really lucky. We went for a walk yesterday. It was sunny and bright and there were no signs of all those high winds. You'd never know anything happened at all.

Not so for other areas though, so I'll just say, I'm grateful.

Alisha said...

Hope your daughter and family make it through this undamaged. It's amazing how powerful Mother Nature can be.

It's good to hear you've been lucky where you are!

VegeYum said...

I do hope things are Ok with you still.

Ruth Daniels said...

Life is back to normal. The skies are sunny and it's hard to believe that Mother Nature can do such flip-flops!

Thanks all for your concerns and kind wishes.