Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chorizo, Mushrooms & Leeks - Perfect Combo for Presto Pasta Night

The day started out incredibly well yesterday. I spent a couple of amazing hours at Ecole St Catherine's School - a fantastic elementary school with some great food programs. I'll be writing about it in the next couple of weeks. It's awesome and I was carrying around a smile all day long because of it!, lots of great sales and, given it was late morning on a week day - no crowds!!! Perfect. I found these lovely baskets to replace the wooden bread baskets that I guess I sold at the moving sale I had before leaving Toronto. Anyway, these will look even more spectacular holding my home-made pita chips, jalapeno cornbread, and wonderful breads I plan on making now that Joanna gave me her old bread machine....

In fact, tomorrow I plan on making my own pizza dough so I can use the other unbelievable stones!!!!

What a deal...two for $20!!!!

Somehow, by the time I got home though, I was pooped. Perhaps it was carrying my loot up 3 flights of stairs! Those pizza stones are heavy! I had planned on making a variation of Kalyn's Roasted Tomato Soup for dinner, but....I'll do that as soon as I've finished this post and we'll have some with a great salad for dinner tonight. I decided pasta is what I really wanted, but frankly I didn't even have the energy to look through any of the fantastic Presto Pasta Night Roundups or my million cookbooks. So I took my inspiration standing in front of the thinking necessary!

Lovely leeks, container of plump cremini mushrooms and tons of fresh chorizo sausage I got at the market last Saturday. There will still be plenty for the soup, don't worry. Usually I have some of my own Lazybones Marinara Sauce in the freezer, but I'm all out. Good thing I always have a couple of jars of Classico tomato sauces in the pantry.

What's your fridge inspiration dinner?

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katiez said...

Perfect! I was just looking for something sausage-y to do with pasta! Great minds!