Friday, October 19, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #34

As usual, another great week. And just when I think there's nothing completely new...I mean we've had soup, salad, hot, cold, baked, stir-fried. But this week, we actually have sandwiches and rice noodle rolls. Everything looks wonderful, naturally, and I probably shouldn't wait until Friday morning to do this post...I want everything NOW! but enough from me...

First in this week... Ferdzy of Seasonal Ontario Foods brings a very comforting Rotini with Salmon, Mushrooms and Broccoli in a creamy sauce that sounds perfect for lunch today.

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy is second in this week, but first ever with her Spaghetti Sandwich...bib anyone?

Katie of Thyme for Cooking and a terrific PPN regular reminds us of how important the environment it! please! And shares this luscous looking Proscuitto, Pimento & Chevre Lasagna...nothing ordinary about that!

Vindee of Passionate About Baking (check out her blog and you'll agree) is a first time PPNer and brings a creamy wonderful Penne with Mushrooms. I'm drooling too much to write more.

Anh, of The Food Lover's Journey shares another first...not a sandwich, but a Rice Noodle Roll that has me wanting some right now!

Katerina, Daily Unadventures in Cooking is back with another great dish. This Sausage & Rigatoni in a Creamy Tomato Sauce looks so comforting for those cold days and nights ahead.

Sara of I Like to Cook, always brings an interesting dish. This time she tries Rapini (it's a first for her) Rotini - it even sounds delicious.

First, I must apologize to Chris of We (Heart) Food. This is actually the second time he's sent a dish and somehow - me bad!- I didn't get it or didn't see it. Anyway, here they both are - delicious both of them. Puttanesca with Fusilli with Shrimp (yum!)

and Fettuccine with Shitake Mushrooms (drool!) And don't you love the bowls? I do!

Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums brings a very unique twist to the old Mac & Cheese standard...Pumpkin & Speck Pasta. Wow! Where in Halifax do you think I can find Speck anyway?

Becke, the Columbus Foodie has a bum knee, but that didn't stop her from sharing a gorgeous Antipasto Pasta Salad. Feel better soon!

Dayna, the Vegan Visitor, is travelling but still took time to share gorgeous photos to make me homesick for all that wonderful food shopping I used to do in Toronto and a delicious looking Shitake & Miso Noodle Bowl. Have a great trip and hurry home with more recipes to share.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything is back with this gorgeous, mouth-watering Capellaci with Sage Burnt Butter Sauce. Another great dish that has me speechless.

Mrs W of Mrs W's Kitchen shares a dish that reminds me of my childhood...Easy Skillet Pasta. My mom added kasha to the mix.

Nags, from For the Cook In Me is a first time PPNer and shares this wonderful Easy Tomato Pasta. I do love simple!

Sher of What Did You Eat? is back with a glorious "Recovery Soup with Farfalline" - too much yummy bread all week, I hear.

First time PPNer, Inge of Vanielje Kitchen has another brand new pasta...breakfast and I don't mean left over pasta in a fritatta. This stunning Linguine with Spinach, Poached Egg and Parmesan is ...well, Inge, can I come to your house?

Finally, it's my turn - I did make a couple of sides of pasta this week...the sacchettini this time with just a little pesto with some grilled salmon and I did make this Moroccan Chickpea and Orzo Soup,

but the real focus was the NY Times article by Mark Bittman suggesting we rethink the amount of sauce we add to our pasta. Mario Batali says more sauce, Mark says focus on veggies to pump it up and reduce the amount of pasta. My take....depends on the dish. When I eat my Auntie Shelley's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce I always ask for a ton of sauce with a bit of pasta. Other times....I really want the pasta to shine through. So what about you? So far the results are tied.

Don't forget to join in the fun for next week and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

As always...a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!!

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Anonymous said... many yummy foods to tantalize me - I missed both lunch and breakfast (so unlike me!).

Katie Zeller said...

You post first thing - and are starving, right? I read just before dinner....groan....! I wish I could just eat the photos! Really some great recipes...I'm going back to that sandwich, now!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for the greaat round-up, Ruth! Everything looks so gorgeous...

Did you find that Speck in Halifax?



Ruth Daniels said...

Dana, you sound like me. I'd yell at my kids if they didn't eat, but me...well...

Katiez, I gain wait just from all the reading ;-)

Rosa, it is quite awesome how every week, just when you think things can't get always does. As for the Speck...not yet, but there is a great Italian Gourmet Market down the street and I'm going to check it out next week. I'll keep you posted.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Great round-up!
I love lots of sauce on pasta and on pizza too! Maybe I am just too greedy!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

Lot's of imagination! Ruth we lived so close. I just moved from Annapolis Valley to Vancouver Island. I love Halifax. We may go back in couple years.

Ruth Daniels said...

Holler...sauce is a good thing. That's not "greedy" that just makes sense.

Helene, that's quite a move - coast to coast - and I thought the leap from Toronto to Halifax was major.

Sara said...

Wow, what a great bunch this week!

Anonymous said...

A lovely roundup, as always. I hear ya on not taking sides in the Great Pasta Sauce Debate. Sometimes it really depends on the sauce, and the pasta!