Monday, October 22, 2007

Food For Thought & Fall Maritime Events.

Just a short post to let you know about the articles on Foodtv's blog - Food For Thought that I did about a couple of very fun events...barring the pathetic weather. Today, because I didn't have fun outdoor events to attend, is just like summer...sunny, hot...magnificent. But what can you do.

Interviewing Bob Blumer (even if it was pouring) was a blast and he really is a great guy.

Checking out the Maritime Fall Fair was more one was great I got my candied apples,

because what is a midway at a fair without one.

And I got to see all the fantastic "Homemaker Award Winners" . Just take a look at these stunning quilts and sweaters (my hobby when I'm not cooking).

And, of course the baking and preserves...

No tasting though...too bad, and no cookbook either. Don't you think they should put together a book of all the winning entries? I do!

And look at all these cute animals...

(I have a thing for roosters).

But I did want to go back for the Nova Scotia Marketplace and check out the cooking demonstration and meet some of the great producers...I wasn't sure what or who would be there, just that it was on the schedule for Friday afternoon. So I drove through the fog and rain, white knuckles to the wheel and headed out.

Here's all I got to see....

People setting up their booths, too busy to chat and the area not open for another 2 hours!!!

Chef Michael Howell of The Tempest Restaurant in Wolfville was going to do a demonstration - in THREE hours!!! That would have been exciting since I missed out on the Moveable Feast he did at The Tangled Garden. So nothing else to do, the midway hour before the next exhibition in the main arena, two hours to the marketplace...and ugly weather. Time to hit the road and hope I do better next year.

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Valli said...

I totally missed our fall fair this year. It is always held the first weekend of September. I have always considered this to be such bad timing when I have to get my daughter off to university and the rest of life kicks in. I'd love to attend something in October instead!!!Maybe I will start a movement.

Holler said...

Good post! I would absolutely love one of those quilts, but have no skill for it!
That Bob Blumer is bit mad, isn't he?