Friday, August 24, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup 26 - The Bix Six Month Celebration

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I do love a party, especially when my friends come with delicious goodies! And this time it's particularly special for me. Presto Pasta Nights was conceived on a whim six months ago and I really didn't expect much to come of it. Wow! Was I wrong! I've made tons of new friends, found so many great blogs to visit and much for dieting!...all these great pasta dishes. What can I say besides ...AWESOME and THANK YOU. It's all been so much fun that I decided to add a whole new element...Check out the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook. Already there are 10 members. We can share photos, links to great posts/web sites, have discussions about things like...the story behind the post - what inspired it; challenges in the kitchen; ask each other for resources or "how to's". The list of things to talk about is up to us. So, I do hope you take a peak and want to join us there.

Now, I know everyone is waiting impatiently, with bib on, and fork at the let's all raise a glass to each other and this great way to meet every week. CHEERS!!!

And without further ado, since everyone looks so great in their party clothes, let's eat while the food is hot (or cold for the salads).

First in this week is Windy from WindysCorner with a great Basil Pesto, perfect for all those lactose intolerant people.

Next in is Ashley from Eat Me, Delicious who really didn't want to miss the party. She shares her views on ravioli...I'll let her tell it...Normally I like to show the finished dish, but her fillings are too cute to resist.

When Kevin of Closet Cooking comes to a party, he makes sure no one goes away hungry. This time he brought a triple whammy with tomatoes fresh from the market. Check it out Fresh Tomato Pasta, Fresh Tomato Sauce and Roasted Tomato Pasta. All of them sound awesome, but the roasted one is my favorite. I'm sure I'll be back for seconds.

I was visiting Judith In Umbria (I wish is was in person). In answer to my questions as a first time pasta maker (the actual pasta noodles, of course), she graciously gave some terrific tips in the comment section so I asked her if I could share her own post on how to make superb pasta with the rest of you. And she was kind enough to agree. And the photo...well it's the starting point of any great pasta.

When is spinach more than spinach? When Chris of Mele Cotte comes to the party with Spinach Pesto Pasta. Simple and simply delicious.

And when is everyday comforting noodle soup more than that? When Anh of Food Lover's Journey makes it with Beef & Vegetable Chrysanthemums, that's when. All dressed up and soooo tasty!

Marta, the brilliant Italian in the US also comes with more than one dish to the party. Her stars are eggplant (my fave but one I have to "hide" from my family) and these dishes do it best. Pasta alla Norma and Pasta con melanzane al funghetto (the eggplant looks and tastes like mushrooms) are fantastic. Here's the photo of Norma, check out her site for the rest.

Dharm, the Dad & Baker brings this mouth-watering dish of Lamb & Two Mushroom Fettuccine. Very elegant and party-like! So much for dieting, but - it's a party!

Abby of Eat the Right Stuff came to the party with a traditional lasagna. I can't remember attending a pot-luck without some on the table and this one looks particularly splendid.

Ferdzy of Seasonal Ontario Food showed up with a very party dish - so colorful and gorgeous - Linguine with Caramelized Onions and Beets. I can't wait to dig in.

Maxine from Chew on That showed up with a dish that's easy as pie, thanks to some store bought ingredients and looks fantastic. It just proves that you don't have to spend hours slaving over a hot stove to come up with a terrific dinner. Here's her Mushroom Stuffed Tortellini and Tomato Vodka Sauce.

Katie from Thyme for Cooking and a wonderful storyteller brings a luscious Ham & Green Bean Salad to the party. It looks so festive - it just screams "Let's party!!"

Claudia from Cook, Eat, Fret doesn't mess around. When she shows up to a party, she brings a show-stopping dish! Take a look at this awesome Spaghetti with Shrimp in Truffled Creme Fraiche.

Tigerfish over at Teczcape really went all out for the party. She made enough of these cute Almond Paste Soba Noodle filled Tomato Cups for each of us. So enjoy!

Deborah of Taste & Tell made a special effort to join the party (she hunted everywhere for the perfect recipe) and brought this tasty dish - hot or cold...a Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Pesto Salad it looks wonderful.

Eunice of LemonAlmond takes us on another walk down memory lane with this quick and easy Stewed Pork Fried Vermicelli. There's nothing like those family parties from when we were kids.

Jenny the Veggie Cookster is back with the dish her sister brings to parties. It's an Asian Salad and it looks scrumptious.

Sara of I Like to Cook came up with something special to do with all her million tomatoes. Her no cook Tomato Sauce is perfect.

My cousin Arlene wouldn't miss the party for anything, so she made a mouth watering Linguine with Cherry Tomatoes and Italian Tuna. (The Italian Market near me has a great brand - Alleggia). When I make this dish, I'll raise a glass to Arlene and the lovely Miss Coco (cutest Basset ever).

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy brings a very special gift...a trip down memory lane (for me too!) with her mom's Spaghetti Sauce. I love the story and it reminded me of MY mom's spaghetti sauce, which did actually make it into my cookbook. But there were lots of her recipes I didn't get to write down before she passed away. So get your pens & paper handy and bug your mom/aunt/whoever for your favorites!

Dayna, the Vegan Visitor has a beautiful blog and her photos and recipes are always a treat, so it was not surprise that this luscious looking Spaghettini Rustica would be a hit.

Sher of What Did You Eat was in such a party mood, she made this Israeli Couscous Salad that looks like confetti. Here's to many more parties!

Sophie of (Mostly Eating) heard about PPN and HAD to come to the party. Welcome and thanks for bringing that gorgeous Tagliatelle with Broad Beans, Chicken, Mint and tons of creamy goodness.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything always brings something special to the PPN table and this week it's a dazzling dish of Orzo with ,Red Capiscum and Zucchini. I'm licking my lips - what about you?

Another good friend Ulrike of Kuchenlatein is back with a special treat. How did she know I love liver? And I so rarely get to eat it, because I'm the only one here who does. Doesn't this Tagliatelle with Liver & Pears look spectacular? I think so too!

Brooke of Victuals & Libations has been shy...shy to join PPN fun (silly girl) and shy to use a recipe she's had lying around since 2001. It's an especially easy, especially fun looking Angel hair Past with Peas & Roasted Peppers so I'm glad it finally got dusted off for the party.

And finally, my own party dishes. I started off the week making pasta for the first time with my kids - Joanna, Ezra & Sharron (my Honey looked after Boaz) and we whipped up (right - it took us 2 hours) this Simple Fettuccine with Olive Oil, Garlic & Parsley. And then I made some Cherry Tomato Confit & Italian Sausages with Fennel & Basil over some wholewheat pasta.

What would a great party be without fashionably late arrivals. So I'll be welcoming everyone until Saturday afternoon. If you want to join the fun, check out how and don't forget to visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

Fashionably Late, but truly welcome....

Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums is here!! And with her is a scrumptious looking Noodle Kugel. Read all about it's origins and then rush to the kitchen to whip some up.

Zooey53 of Recipes on the Fly was glad to get here before the party was over...(psst - hopefully this party will go on forever) and she brought a great looking Pasta with Pesto, Ricotta & Tomatoes.

And a very big thank you to all of you for coming to the party. Hope to see you next week.


Dharm said...

As usual, a wonderful roundup! Congrats on the 6 month Party! It was really fun attending! Here's to another 6 months - and more!

burcu said...

Congratulations on the 6th monthaversiry! This is a great idea; although I don't contribute I came here every week to learn different ways to spice up my comfort food paste. Thanks to Ruth and everyone that shares their recipes.

Hillary said...

Yay for delicious-looking pasta! Happy 6 month! I just came around in the past month or so but I look forward to another 6 months!

Deborah said...

6 months of great pasta dishes!! I always know where to look when I have a craving for pasta!

Sophie said...

So much pasta to eat, so little time!

The advantage of being new to the party is that I have all the archives to work through

katiez said...

Cheers to Six Months Of Pasta!!!!!
Now I need six months of aerobics to match...Oh well, life is short; eat pasta first!
Great round-up; great 6 months!

Dayna said...

Fantastic round up Ruth!
Once again a big thanks and CONGRATULATIONS on the big anniversary!

Valli said...

Once again a great line-up of recipes Ruth. A wonderful way to spend your 6th anniversary of Presto Party Roundup with so many inventive and delicious recipes. I can't wait to dig in!!!!

sab said...

I have some recipes but they are in french!!!! do I have to make a translation on my posts or can I give theme to you in french??? let me know (and also how many recipes?) great idea by the way, pasta is my favorite meat, veggie, fish etc!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Congratulations! What a great round-up, Ruth! I love pasta...

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks everyone - I couldn't have done it without you...and I mean that literally!!!

It's been a great ride and I hope you all continue to show up to my Presto Pasta Night parties with more of your fantastic dishes.

Sab, I'd be happy to get the recipes in French. I might try to translate them or leave them as they are.

Burcu, I'm glad you visit and that the dishes inspire you.

abby said...

fabulous selection of dishes ruth, happy 6 months!

Windy said...

As dharm said, congrats on 6 months PPN and all of them look great... Thanks for putting mine one up and hope to join again soon. :)

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! Ruth, great round up and here's to 600 more.

Ulrike said...

Happy anniversary! So many pasta recipe and no end in sight. You had a great idea. And thanks for doing all the great round-ups.

tigerfish said...

What a spread! And what a great way to celebrate :D