Thursday, August 16, 2007

KitchenAid's Peter Pasta Tutorial

My daughter, Joanna is picking up her new pasta maker today and we have plans to make our own on the weekend. Naturally, I had to do some research and found a terrific tutorial. Since I seem to be technologically challenged, but still wanted you to see it...visit YouTube. Doesn't Peter Pasta make it look easy?

As for the pasta seen's store bought President's Choice Medaglioni stuffed with Chicken & Rosemary. I served it tossed with some goat cheese to make it creamy and placed them over beet greens and stems stir fried with a little garlic and shallots. Not bad at all for a quick dinner.

So easy in fact, I thought I'd share it with Presto Pasta Night. Even if you don't have a KitchenAidand all its glorious attachments, the principle holds. So get busy and have a little fun making your own pasta.

What kind of pasta is on the menu at your house? Don't forget to join in the fun.

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Sara said...

I have one of the old hand crank machines I bought from an Italian store years ago. I used it quite a bit for a year, then I moved and it got put in storage. I should find it (it's in the basement now, somewhere) and try it again.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This dish looks delicious! I'd love to have a Kitchen Aid and all it's gorgeous attachments ;-P...

Muskat said...

That's an impressive machine. But I'm afraid my kitchen is not big enough.

Btw, have you gotten my pasta-presto-e-mail? I seem to land in spam-folders regularly, so I'm wondering if you got my recipe at all.

Ulrike said...

Oh Ruth, why are you recommend this attachment. Now I must buy it :-). I'm just back from vacation in Austria, I hope I'll join the fun soon again.

katiez said...

I have the hand crank one but back in the U.S. I had a big old extruder. I always made my own pasta and lived it. It was too old and worn out (besides being 110V) to move though. You're making me think to start looking for a new one!
Have fun with this!