Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Wednesday and Recipes Galore From Newspapers

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It's Wednesday, but you knew that. Like many, you've probably already looked at today's local least the one or two sections you like. I wonder if you can guess what my favorite one is...after the ads, of course. Truthfully, since we've moved from Toronto in April, I haven't looked at too many papers and I don't think I've looked at one Wednesday paper at all.

So today I'm starting a new ritual in my new home...scanning on-line for recipes in newspapers from anywhere that will let me in without a subscription.

First up is the NY Times (because I do get it on-line anyway) and today the focus is on Summer Tomatoes :
Green Tomato & Lemon Marmelade sounds particularly awesome as a morning treat on some of Julian Bakery's croissants or Vitality bread.
Red & Yellow Cherry Tomato Confit is a perfect pasta topping (That's a gentle reminder for all of you to send a Presto Pasta Night dish. That's what I'm doing tonight!

I also saw some great pasta recipes over at the San Francisco Chronicle had lots of no cook pasta sauces, but you'll have to go over there and see them for yourself....

because my cutest little Boaz showed up and spent the day...well that was the end of my research.

I did get to make the Cherry Tomato Confit. Naturally I had to add some grilled Italian fennel & basil sausages and tossed it all with wholewheat spaghetti. Delicioso!!!

Let's see how long this ritual will last.


Hillary said...

Saw this recipe come up in my news feed on Facebook! :)

katiez said...

That looks wonderful! I love sausages, tomatoes and pasta - could eat some variation on it every day...but like you, my hips say noooo....

mickey said...

Hi Ruth,
I love checking out the wednesday food sections when I have the time as well. Do you know the site Newspaper Food Sections and Columns Online? The have a comprehensive list ast whats wwwwhatscookinginamerica,net.

Ruth Daniels said...

Mickey, thanks for the tip! Now I can't wait for Wednesdays!!!