Monday, August 20, 2007

A Day Late and a Dollar Short - Missed the Blueberry Festival

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I may have missed the festivities for some of this year's Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival that started this past weekend and goes to September 1, (you can read all about our misadventure on Foodtv's blog - Food For Thought this week) but that didn't stop me from getting 5 pounds/2.25 kilos of wild blueberries at the Masstown Market. So far I've whipped up the following recipes from the festival's brochure and thought I'd share them with you.

I know it will be perfect over shrimp & scallops or tilapia. We tried it on steak, but I found the steak overpowered the salsa. also recommends it as a dip with corn chips.

What could possibly be better?...Well maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Great for a mid morning snack - or anytime for that matter.


Deborah said...

You are killing me with all of these blueberries!! I love blueberries, but they are a bit expensive here, so I don't have them as often as I would like.

Holler said...

They all look great! Blueberries are heavenly!

Ferdzy said...

Oh man, if there is one thing that could convince me to move to Nova Scotia, it's the blueberries. Not the number of my friends and relations already living there, the BLUEBERRIES!!!

Kevin said...

I have been enjoying the blueberries so far this year. Your blueberry dishes all look amazing. I would never have thought to use blueberries in a salsa.

tigerfish said...

Love all the blueberries you have there. Can I have some? :p