Monday, May 14, 2007

Yesterday Was Mother's Day

Okay, many of you knew that it was Mother's Day yesterday, but I was too busy being a Mom to post. This year was a first for me...I became a Grandma back in January, so that's quite a Mother's Day gift - spending time with Boaz.

The kids have been on a road trip (showing off our cutie to the family in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal) and got back in time for dinner. So I spent a good part of the day preparing a meal (I'll share the menu in a minute...just be patient). This time around I did the cooking, but it did remind me of the first "Breakfast" (I use the term loosely) that my daughters prepared all those years ago when Joanna was 6 and her sister, Sharron was 4. They obviously weren't allowed to cook, but Jo was insistant on breakfast in bed for Mummy. So, at the crack of dawn, because they were excited, I got cereal with chocolate milk, served up with pride. Did I mention I hate chocolate milk and I don't do well with breakfast before 8? But I loved it.

A couple of years later, the menu changed. By now Jo was allowed to use the toaster so I got toast and she made me instant coffee (I actually had to go buy some for the occasion) - she still wasn't allowed to really do any cooking. (with me giving her the "recipe" for the coffee the night before). They've come a long way since then!

I have lots of home-made cards and gifts from over the years, but when I was packing to move, I came across the first purchased gift Joanna ever gave me. She was 8 and allowed to go to the shopping center around the corner on her own to buy something for me and she was so proud of her purchase....Queen size panty hose, the dark beige thick kind with the slightly greenish tinge. I still have them in the package and it makes me smile every time I find them. This year, she bought some "spa" stuff - face masks, feet pampering and more so we (because she's a mom too) can both enjoy it.

My other Princess called from Toronto and we had a lovely long chat - thank goodness for Skype!!! I miss her, but she'll be arriving within a month and we'll get to spend all summer together. I can't wait!

So last night's menu, with several recipes from Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories (sorry no table shots - everyone was starving when they got here)...


Couscous & Chickpea Salad

Mixed Greens with a Simple Vinaigrette
(using Kozlik's fig & Balsamic Mustard this time)

Katherine Hepburn Brownies
(which I was told I can't make often - "they're too good and we'll all weigh in at 600 pounds!")

Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar & Fresh Basil
I promise a picture the next time I make them - it really is a beautiful dish

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Shaun said...

Dearest Ruth - Boaz is SO CUTE - utterly adorable. Your heart must swell whenever you see him. I'm glad you had a lovely day with your family. The Katharine Hepburn brownies look divine, but I'm the biggest sucker for good hummus. I was intrigued to hear in an earlier post that you love Goldstein's "Cucina Ebraica". I haven't seen it in the bookstores here yet, though I have heard the title mentioned before...Why do you like it so much (i.e. tempt me to buy it, so I can justify why I need one more cookery book on my bookshelves!). Take care.

Sharron said...

Oh mummy! I miss you too and my little nephew! Sorry I missed the big mother's day meal. The brownies look unbelievable.
Love you!

Sara said...

THAT FACE!!!! My heart is melting, what a cutie. Glad to hear you had a good mothers day!

Ruth Daniels said...

Shaun, thanks...he IS so cute!
Reasons to justify buying Cucina Ebraica...the pumpkin filled ravioli on the cover is reason enough. But the stories around each recipe, the gorgeous photos, the breadth of recipes...need I say more?!

Sharron, I'm counting days - 28 more sleeps!!!

Sara, he is delicious.

Thanks all, for dropping by.