Monday, May 21, 2007

A Drive Along the Lighthouse Route

I can't believe it's actually more than an entire week since my Honey and I took a little exploratory drive along the Lighthouse Route. First let me say, that when we lived in Toronto, we'd frequently take a drive along an old, and now rarely used highway looking for some interesting scenery, market, restaurant....whatever. Of course it would take us more than an hour just to leave the city, so a "short" trip to the country would usually take us the entire day.

We're temporarily staying at my daughter and son-in-law's place (that's the view from the kitchen window) who live outside of Halifax just off the Prospect Highway (part of the Lighthouse Route, which actually goes along the Eastern Coast from Halifax all the way to Yarmouth). So we decided to see if we could actually find some lighthouses and some fishermen (I'm obsessed).

Be warned...this is one of the few posts you will ever find on my blog that does NOT have a recipe or pictures of some delicious meal or other.

As for the fishermen (or lobster men), I did find a boat at the pier in Lower Prospect, a cute fishing town of old, but no fishermen.

Although, we did spot someone digging for clams in Lower Prospect.

And we did see these empty lobster traps on the wharf, so I assume there's lobster fishing (actually, they're caught in traps) around.

This is Lower Prospect (I took so many pictures of Terrance Bay, Sandy Cove and Prospect Bay that I could be wrong). The terrain is very stark and yet very peaceful.

And my favorite spot was Prospect Village. It is quaint and lovely and tiny, with no signs of modern living. Think 1800's and you're close. I love it.

That's Prospect Bay and behind it the Atlantic Ocean....just spectacular views everywhere.

But now it's time to head home and make some dinner....and amazing but true - I don't remember what I cooked!

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Truffle said...

This looks absolutely beautiful!

Also loved last week's Presto Pasta round-up. I've sent you a contribution for next week's Presto Pasta :)

Sara said...

Ruth what a beautiful place to live!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing those great pictures with us! That place looks wonderful and peaceful...

Ruth Daniels said...

Truffle, it is a beautiful part of the country to be sure.

I've taken your fantastic smoked salmon with dill pesto cream sauce and added it to Presto Pasta Night. Don't forget to check for the roundup on Friday.

Sara, it is a very picturesque part of Canada and I plan on doing much exploring and so much sharing of photos - and food adventures, of course.

Rosa, I'm happy to share...I'll be even happier to share the first lobster dinner! I can't wait.

Kitt said...

What a lovely escape.